Falling for him again

Katie is suprised by her friend with one direction backstage passes when she
Meets Harry once againh


8. Our date

Harrys POV I took her out. We went to get tacos and then to the park to eat them. At this one point in our sitting and eating she got sauce on her face i laughed and she said ,What, i wipped and off with a napkin before she even realized what had happened she looked really embarrased. I went to trough away our trash when i turned i saw a man sitting next to her on the bench. She looked uncomfortable i caught her eyes and she pleaded for help i simply walked over and took her hand sitting on the opposite side of her. I made her look at me so she knew to play along i said causually ,How was your day, she said fine still playing along as i pulled my phone out of my pocket pretending to get a text ,We should go or we will be late, i said pulling her up and we left as fast as possible without looking suspicious.
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