Falling for him again

Katie is suprised by her friend with one direction backstage passes when she
Meets Harry once againh


2. Finally arriving

I got hardly any sleep the next weeks that came to follow scared of the night the concert will arrive.Finally they were prepared and ready to leave for the concert.I was so worried about what to wear or say i almost made us late.As we pulled into the crowded parking lot Lexi turned and asked me what was wrong.I didnt realize i was making a face till she asked i must have looked sick by the worry in her voice.I assured her i was fine and we made way past all the screaming girls and got in at last.After the concert we were takin backstage were we waited for the boys.I finally caught the sight of Liam who hurried over.We introduced ourselfs and he couldnt stop looking at me finally he asked "Have we met before?" He asked "No"i said quickly as everyone else ran over."Hi"i heard an irish accent behind me i turned to find me self face to face with Niall had gorgeous eyes and a playfull smile i didnt look away untill he became suddenly interested in the snack table.Harry was the last to come over but when he did he stared so hard at me i would think he was reading my life story then he smiled wildly comming to realization of who i was he then said quietly "Hello havent seen you in quite a while"
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