Rough Love *One Direction Love Story*

A/N; Okay guys! This is another story with me and me friends so...Enjoy! :D


1. Who's Your Brother? WHAT?!

Bianca's POV

I sat in the bathroom, nervously. I was letting Emily rainbow dip-dye my hair. "Are you sure you know how to do this?" I asked. "Yes, I promise. Don't be a worry wart! We need to get this done before my brother gets here!" Emily replied.

I sighed. "Fine. Let's get this over with." She put on gloves and continued to color and wrap my hair in tin foil. Two hours went by which honestly felt like forever, until my hair was done. "Well lah!" Emily grinned. I looked at my hair in awe. "I know I know it's amazing. But I have to get you ready to meet my brother and his friends! Let's go!" Emily dragged me to my room and shuffled through my closet.

She gave me a 'Cool Kids Don't Dance' crop top, denim ripped jean shorts, black knee length leggings, and chose my neon pink Nike high tops from my many pairs. She shoved me into the bathroom with a white pair of socks while she went to pick out a pair of my nerd glasses and a hat/beanie (Which btw, I have shelves and shelves of both) . I got changed and looked in the mirror. I had to admit, I looked pretty good. I walked out only to be shoved on to my bed and have make up be put on me. Emily gave me black, glittery eye shadow; a light blush, and lip gloss.

"We have to hurry! They'll be here soon!" Emily exclaimed. She slid my neon pink nerd glasses over my eyes, along with my black snap back over my brown wavy hair. "Perfect! Let's go!" We ran downstairs and flopped on the couch. I turned on spongebob as we waited for the boys to get here. DING DONG! The door bell rang. Emily ran to the door. "Hi Liam! Boys! Niall.." she said 'Niall' extremely dreamily. I walked up to the door and my eyes widened. "You're an idiot for NOT telling me," I giggled. "Whoa. And this is?" Harry asked. "I'm Bianca. Nice to meet you Harold." I winked. I scanned the boys. Zayn's shirt captured my eye. I smirked. "Nice shirt, Zayn. " Emily nudged me. Hey I wasn't stopping. Let's have some fun ;)


A/N okay its only 10:15 and I'm tired. Lol. Sorry if this has any grammar issues or anything I wrote this from my phone because my laptop charger broke and its dead haha. So yeah...hoped you liked it! Baii

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