Rough Love *One Direction Love Story*

A/N; Okay guys! This is another story with me and me friends so...Enjoy! :D


2. A bit of kissing isnt bad! Right?

Bianca's POV


I turned away from Emily and the boys and went back to the couch. "Bianca, why don't you show them around and where they're sleeping!" Emily suggested. "Sure! But before hand, there's only six bedrooms and seven of us so...who's going to sleep with me?" I asked. "Your choice love," Liam said. "Eh, I trust Zayn enough. I feel like Niall is off limits," I winked at Emily,"and I'm scared of what Louis and Harry might do." "What about Liam?" Louis asked. "It would be awkward sleeping with my best friends Daddy needs his space," I laughed. Emily rolled her eyes. "Just show them around." "Okay but if they make a wrong move...." "Yeah yeah yeah you'll cut dem bitches now go." I started laughing hysterically while walking up the stairs with the boys following. I showwed them around the house and where their rooms were. Once it got late, everyone was downstairs watching TV while I sat in my room, strumming m guitar peacefully. "You're really good." I jumped and looked at the doorway. And there stood the one and only Harry Styles. I smiled. "You're really good!" he said. "I guess. Wanna sit?" I asked. He nodded as he entered my room and sat next to me. "Do you know any of our songs?" Harry asked. "of course!" I lowered my guitar pick and began to play "They Don't Know About Us". "People say we shouldn't be together. Too young, to know about forever. But i say, they don't know what they're talk talk talkin' about. Cause this love is only getting stronger! So I don't wanna wait any longer. I just wanna tell the world that you're mine, boy! Oh!" I sang. Harry eventually joined in. We sang together as we neared the end of the song. "Baby they don't know about..they don't about us..." He stared into my eyes as he started to lean in glancing at my lips every few seconds. I put my hands on his chest as his lips collided with mine. He laid me down gently on my bed as we were kissing. "Hey Bianca. Where's the bathroom aga-" Louis's face fell. I pulled away from Harry. "I not what it looks like...!"

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