The Story Of Us

Saige Ainseley Cartter is Ethan Joseph Wood. They're are exact opposites yet, have been best friends since Preschool. Suddenly, they begin to have feelings for each other! Will this work out? Or will The Story of Them have an unhappy ending?

**Warning -- strong language and mature activities**

****Yes, there will be sequels!! :) But, the books aren't going to be very long. About 30 chapters per book. Give or take a few. The 4 sequels will be called -- Forever and Always, You're Not Sorry, Just Give Me a Reason, and You Belong With Me!****


3. Say WHAT?


"Okay -- what happened at the water fountain?" asked Hailey, and Sarah. "Yeah, we ALL want to know." Anna insisted, I sighed. "Ethan and I might've kissed and I might've liked it," I said. "OOH," the girls chorused.


"So, do you like him?" asked Chloe. "I don't know, I might." I replied, "Hmm...." Chloe said, "Interesting." I rolled my eyes.


"So, what was it like?" asked Rita. "Why is heck's tarnation would you ask me that?" I asked. "To know how it felt," said Rita. "Duh." Rita ended. "Oh, I'm sorry that I'm an idiot." 


"But really girl, you have a boyfriend," said Chloe. "I don't care, I love it." I sang. 

 (That's what I was wearing!!! Cute right)


"Isn't that from uh -- Icona Pop or something," asked Hailey. "Yeah, it is." I said, turning on I Love It.

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