The Story Of Us

Saige Ainseley Cartter is Ethan Joseph Wood. They're are exact opposites yet, have been best friends since Preschool. Suddenly, they begin to have feelings for each other! Will this work out? Or will The Story of Them have an unhappy ending?

**Warning -- strong language and mature activities**

****Yes, there will be sequels!! :) But, the books aren't going to be very long. About 30 chapters per book. Give or take a few. The 4 sequels will be called -- Forever and Always, You're Not Sorry, Just Give Me a Reason, and You Belong With Me!****


1. First Day Kisses!

"Hi Mr. Carter!" I heard my best friend, Ethan, say. "Hi Ethan, I haven't seen you around for a while." Dad said. C'mon Saige, just GO! 

Dad looked up as I walked down the stairs, "Finally, Sleeping Beauty awakes!" exclaimed my dad. I blushed. "Hey Saige, I sent you a text saying I was coming to pick you up then, we were going to get Hailey and Robert." Ethan said. "You did?" I asked. I looked down at my phone. NEW TEXT FROM: ETHAN. CLICK TO VIEW! It read. I clicked to view:


Hey, Saige, I'm coming to get you at 9:30. Then, we'll go and pick up Hailey & Robert! <333 xx 


"Oh, oops...." I said. "It's fine..." he said. "Okay -- we'll I'm going to let you guys go! Have fun!" Dad said. "We're not dating!" I exclaimed. I wish we were though, I thought. "So Ethan, what's up?" I asked. Surprisingly, he had his mp 3 player in. He was nodding his head to Thrift Shop (Yes, it was loud I could HEAR it). "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket," I sang. Ethan heard me and began to sing with me. "I-I-I'm hunting, looking for a come-up," he sang. "This is fucking awesome." We sang in chorus. 

We began to laugh. Just like old times, I thought. Finally, we reached Hailey's house. We rang the doorbell, "Hi Ethan, nice to see you! Saige, darling, I just saw you yesterday! Wow, look at your clothes Saige, beautiful, and your hair those bouncy curls, BEAUTIFUL!" exclaimed Ms. Smith, Hailey's mom. "Hey guys," Mr. Smith, Hailey's dad said. "So, are you two finally dating?" they asked. "No...." we said. "Damn it!" Mr. Smith said. "Hailey, it didn't happen!" exclaimed Mr. and Ms. Smith. "Damn it!" Hailey said. "Hailey -- mind your language -- Beth is around and we don't want a 4 year old saying that word!" her mom said. Ethan and I snicked. "I'm actually dating Payton Green." I said. 

"Why?" Hailey asked. "Sorry..." I said. "I just, you know, like him, and he likes me -- so, why not?" I said. "You guys are dating?!" Ethan exclaimed. I nodded. "I didn't know that," he said. "You never asked," I replied. "Sorry." I said. "It's fine," he muttered. "Anybody else feel tension?" asked Hailey. "Yeah, I do," I whispered to her. "Perfect..." she said. Then, we got to Robert house. He was already waiting outside. "Hey guys!" Robert exclaimed. "Hey!" we said. We began to talk about stuff. But, I couldn't help thinking, DOES Ethan Joseph Wood like ME?

"Duh, he SO likes you." my note read. "Really? Ethan likes me." I wrote back. "Really! It's so obvious -- how can YOU not see it! Even PAYTON can!" Sarah wrote. "What's that supposed to mean?" I replied. "Nothing," I looked at her giving her a take-that-back look.




"Hey Tinkerbell," said Payton, taking my hand. "Hi Peter Pan," I winked. He squeezed my hand and smiled, kissing my cheek. "Yuck!" exclaimed Mary. "Stalker much?" I whispered to him and he laughed. We took our seat at our usual spot. "Hey Ethan, what's up?" I asked. "Nothing...." Ethan replied. Then, I said, "I need to get some water." Ethan replied with, "I'll take you." I smiled at him and whispered, "thanks."

"Okay, Ethan, spill it." I said. "Spill what?" he asked. "THIS!" I yelled. "You've been acting strange ALL morning." I said. "What are you hiding from me," I asked. "Nothing," he insisted. "Tell me." "No." "Tell Me." "Nothing." "Tell Me." Instead of no or nothing, Ethan responded with a kiss -- not a rushed one but, a sweet and gentle one like he'd been waiting and planning this. (Of course, I kissed this boy back!) "I-I'm sorry," he said. "Don't be, I liked it," I smiled at him. "Perfect." He said, his eyes twinkling. I again kissed him (and he kissed back) and pulled away, "we never speak of this; it stays between us." I said. "Promise?" he asked. "Cross my heart, hope to die," I smiled before kissing him again as he delicately slipped his tongue into my mouth as I did the same, letting our tongues roam. I smiled, my dream has finally come true. I'm kissing Ethan Joseph Wood -- well, making out with him now!

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