The Story Of Us

Saige Ainseley Cartter is Ethan Joseph Wood. They're are exact opposites yet, have been best friends since Preschool. Suddenly, they begin to have feelings for each other! Will this work out? Or will The Story of Them have an unhappy ending?

**Warning -- strong language and mature activities**

****Yes, there will be sequels!! :) But, the books aren't going to be very long. About 30 chapters per book. Give or take a few. The 4 sequels will be called -- Forever and Always, You're Not Sorry, Just Give Me a Reason, and You Belong With Me!****


4. Backstabber Alert!


"How could she?" I exclaimed. "I-I-I THOUGHT she was my best friend." I screamed. "Calm down, we'll take care of it!" exclaimed Hailey. "Yeah,"Anna said. "She just wanted Payton all along," said Sarah. "Not helping!" sang Hailey.


I just told Payton about Ethan and you and your little 'smooch'. Expect a call from Payton soon! ;) xoxo Chloe. (P.S. I never wanted to be your friend. I just used you to get close to Payton & now, I'm gonna get close to Ethan -- watch out Saige. Cuz, Chloe's here!)

"Hello?" I asked. "Yeah, Saige? It's Payton." Payton said. "Oh, hi Peter Pan," I said. "Don't call me Peter Pan... You're a cheater!" he said. "Am NOT!" I exclaimed. "Oh yeah? Says the girl that kissed Ethan! Ethan will get a piece of me -- and it WON'T be fun!" he exclaimed. "Payton, calm down!" I exclaimed. "NO, he messed with the wrong man. I love you Saige, and I'm determined to keep you. I don't give a fuck if he's your 'bestie' but, there are unspoken words between us," he said. "First, BABY, CALM DOWN! Then, AWE! I LOVE YOU MORE PAYTON! And, c'mon baby," I said. "Nope, it's obvious he likes so -- so, I'll clear things up with him!" he said. I sighed, "Fine. Whatever." I said. "Love you mini-boo." Payton said

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