The Story Of Us

Saige Ainseley Cartter is Ethan Joseph Wood. They're are exact opposites yet, have been best friends since Preschool. Suddenly, they begin to have feelings for each other! Will this work out? Or will The Story of Them have an unhappy ending?

**Warning -- strong language and mature activities**

****Yes, there will be sequels!! :) But, the books aren't going to be very long. About 30 chapters per book. Give or take a few. The 4 sequels will be called -- Forever and Always, You're Not Sorry, Just Give Me a Reason, and You Belong With Me!****


2. Author's Note (PLEASE DON'T MURDER ME!!)


HI, HI, HI!! IT'S MOI -- Hannah, I'm the one who got the idea for this story! By The Way -- The ONLY character that's ISN'T real is Beth, Hailey's younger sister. (so far... but, I think it'll stay like that.) All the others are people I know. Yesh, my name is NOT Saige Ainsley Carter. By the way, I'm going to be writing another story called hmm.... I don't know... I'll update this afterwards. I have to list possible titles for the stories AND I need to have YOU GUYS help me with the title! Okay, the ones I have so far are:

(All of them have the same plot.)

(1) "My Friends From Across the Lake." 

(2) "Hello British Curls."

(3) "The British Invasion."

(4) "Beauty and The British." 


Well, please, I NEED your help. Vote for the titles using the numbers in parentheses. (Also PLEASE, if you can think of one. Help me think of the titles (please involve something like those. Because, the plot is going to involving the British & the Americans!) 


Xxx! Hannah :)

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