Careful what you wish for...

Sixteen year old Ally Hooper wishes for one direction and justin bieber to know about her existence and fall madly in love with her.
She gets what she wants..but not the way she wants it.
Who would you choose if they all said they were in love with you?
That you were their entire world.
That you were..perfection on legs.


6. Irish wrist watch

Niall's point of view:

Are we doing a following random girls spree? Apparently so. Louis and Harry have both followed this one girl, with like seven hundred followers, so i decide to follow her as well. Besides, she might be one of the boy's new friends or even girlfriends. she looks pretty and seems fairly nice. She tweets us all on a daily basis at least oen thousand times. I favourite one of her tweets about greg's wedding. She hit the nail right on the head about the fans being so god damned selfish.

I have a message from Louis, which I read. It says: Hey man, add Ally Hooper on Facebook. She's really awesome and I think we all should. Maybe we can blow her followers up, and make her day, I wish we could do all of this for everyone, but she was the first.

I reply with: I just followed her, I'll get on facebook in a minute, but for now I might go and follow/share a few random people. Maybe we can stop more people from killing themselves. Although they might anyway because of the sheer awsomeness of us following them. did you see ally's tweet about greg's wedding? She hit the nail right on the head with it all.

I decide I like this girl, she seems alright so I get on my facebook, sift through all the notifications, and find her freidn request. Ally Hooper wants to be your friend. Accept. I go through all her pictures all blow her notifications up by liking them all, and sharing them all. Ha, watch her ovaries literally explode from all of this then.

Ally's point of view:

Niall accepted my friend request, followed me and is liking and sharing all my pictures. I think I'm going to die. I message him

Me: Your spamming me.

Him: lol(;

Me: Are you laughing at me Mr Horan

him: Not all you(;

me: Kay

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