Careful what you wish for...

Sixteen year old Ally Hooper wishes for one direction and justin bieber to know about her existence and fall madly in love with her.
She gets what she wants..but not the way she wants it.
Who would you choose if they all said they were in love with you?
That you were their entire world.
That you were..perfection on legs.


1. Hopes and dreams..

All's point of view:

I'm Ally Hooper, and I'm just a normal sixteen year old girl who fangirls over One Direction and Justin Bieber. Somrtimes my mum thinks I need mental help because I'm always ranting about how shit modest management is, or how sexy the boys are, or how much I want to kill drake bell and Tmz.

Or wanting to ride Jerry and the 10.2 inch payne train like fudging bicycles.

Yeah, I guess youc ould call me normal. A normal girl, who's only desire is to meet all six of these boys and have them know that I exist, and fall madly in love with the very thought of me.

Lol. It's never going to happen, but Justin taught me to never say never and believe. One direction taught me that I am beauitiful and they love my little things.

My mum always says "ally, why do you even bother fangirling. You're just a regular teenager, who will never meet them and besides, you pay anywhere from one hundred to one thousand dollars for a ticket to one of their stupid concers, and you know your father and I cant afford that, so just give up."

I will never give up. I tweet all six of them on an hourly basis, follow them all and even try and get noticed by them by having my own page called 'BIeBERS - BaBES' and "those sexy boys named 1D."

Yeah you could say that I'm obsessed with their very existence and would probably literally die if they followed me or added me on Facebook.

Harry's point of view:

Same old stuff. About one zillion mentions on twitter..a second, and bloody Modest management not letting us do anything. I follow a few fans but Modest is so fudging mean that they wont let us follow any more.

I really hate them but it wasnt our choice who our management was.

Niall reckons that we should drown them all in nutella..I asked him could he actually do that considering he loves food so much. He said probably not, then went to nando's.

Anyway, Im going through all my mentions when a girl pops up. She looks like a regular fangirl, and she tweets us all, follows us all, and hates Modest.

I hit the follow button.


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