Careful what you wish for...

Sixteen year old Ally Hooper wishes for one direction and justin bieber to know about her existence and fall madly in love with her.
She gets what she wants..but not the way she wants it.
Who would you choose if they all said they were in love with you?
That you were their entire world.
That you were..perfection on legs.


3. Friend requests and heart attacks

Ally's point of view:

Omg. He's going to add me. As a friend. On FACEBOOK. This shit is way better than just following me on twitter. That was really good though. I died. Well I passsed out but its basically the same thing..but minus the dying, and going all corpse like and cold, and dead.

Ugh, Im excited so im jabbering on again.

Wait! What if he sends the request to the wrong person? What if its that bitch that was posing as me ages and ages ago. Oh no. I decide to check.

I jump like a ninja onto my phone and get on facebook.

Harry Edward IsASexBomb Styles Cox (Authors note: I made this up on the spot so dont go searching him up, the boys have no realy facebook accounts) wants to be your friend.

Omg. I spam the accept button, and go and inbox him; I'm dying.

He replies: Please dont.

Me: Ok, i wont then. But why?


Harry's point of view:

Good question. Why?

Me: Because your a directioner and therefore beautiful.

Her: I am dead.

Me: Noooooo! What did I say

Her: You called me beautiful.

Me: So i did (;

Her: Omg. do you add ANYONE on this accoutn?

Me: Only the boys, and a few friends so management dont find out.

Her: Ugh, I fucking hate modest.

Me: Me too.

Her: Can I add the boys..?

Me: Go ahead, they wont be on for a while.

Her: Kay.

Me: Gotta go, mum wants me to do some stuff. Ill tweet you later.

Her: Kay than. bye (:

Me: Bye

I sign off and go and help mum.







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