Careful what you wish for...

Sixteen year old Ally Hooper wishes for one direction and justin bieber to know about her existence and fall madly in love with her.
She gets what she wants..but not the way she wants it.
Who would you choose if they all said they were in love with you?
That you were their entire world.
That you were..perfection on legs.


4. Coversations with a sass lord

Louis' Point of view

I sign into twitter, and find that harry has followed a random directioner. I wonder if she actually is random or is another one of his many woman crushes. I hit the follow button for a bit of fun. It cant hurt..much.

I them get on Facebook and see three friend requests. One is from Lottie, on her new account, another is from Harry's back up and the last is from this girl Named Ally Hooper.

Who the hell is she? I accept her friend request and send her the following message: Heyy, just tommo here, how did you find my account?

It sounds a bit mean but I need to know.

She replies instantaneously with: omg, two in one day, I'm dead. Harry told me.

She seems like another of his woman crushes. I go through her pictures and she seems alright looking, tall, brown haired, cool blue eyes. Nice tits. Hmm, maybe I should actually reply.

Me: He told you? I kind of followed you on twitter..

Her: Why dont you biys just kill me? I fainted ealier.

Me: harry has that effect on women..

Her: haha, i figured, tweet me? I wanna make sure its the right account.

Me: Kay, doing it now..

I hop on twitter and tweet her.


Ally's point of view:

I hop on twitter, and see like twenty new messages and seventy three new followers. Holey fuck! Louis has tweeted me, and I'm now gainging followers even faster than before.

Him: Your followers have blown up.

Me: yeah..all thanks to you guys.

Him: Fans been giving you any shit?

I skim though my inboxes: Yeah lots.

Louis: I gotta go, just block them.

Me: Will do.



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