Careful what you wish for...

Sixteen year old Ally Hooper wishes for one direction and justin bieber to know about her existence and fall madly in love with her.
She gets what she wants..but not the way she wants it.
Who would you choose if they all said they were in love with you?
That you were their entire world.
That you were..perfection on legs.


5. Attack of the fangirls

Ally's point of view:

seriously, today has been like the best day ever. My twitter is blowing up, and so is the hate, I decide to actually read some of it as I have nothing better to do.

Bish 1: Oh my gawd, you're so uglified. I'm going to tell veryone to report your ugly arse and get you banned. Louis is mine ok so take your ugly mitts off him.

Bish 2: Hey, uhm, can you maybe go KILL YOURSELF? Honestly no one likes you and you are so milking the boys for fame and stuff. Get lost and go do a Giovanna Plowman next time.

Bish 3: Fangerling becoz u got followed. Im gooing 2 kill u tho. U dont deserve them.

Bish 4: (Authours note: Just like to say that this was actually messaged to my friend Because liam randomly followed her) Oh my god you stuck up bitch. He followed you. What a big deal, you didnt have to like ignore them. I'd be sitting there fangirling and screaming. Probably dying. Thats what you should do. You dont deserve them, because you're just a directioner like the rest of us. Why are you special? Why dont you go look in a mirror and stab yourself with a fork..better yet, a spoon so that way Liam will hate you like I, hate you ooh.

Bish 5: Go kill yourself.

Wow, these fangirls take their job very seriosuly, I think to myself as I scrol through them. I'm NOT going to kill myself because of them, because they are just upset. Maybe I should message louis and Harry and ask them to follow a few of them. Maybe then they'll be off my back about everything.


I tweet harry with a few of their names, and ask him when he'll be back. Louis isnt on, but he's on facebook arguing with the wanted again. God they piss me off. Their music is okay and stuff, but honestly, they pick fights with our boys, and then what? expect us just to watch meekly.

I sigh, and get back on facebook to message louis: Cheer up!

He dosnt reply because he's too busy arguing with them.


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