An Angel's Tears

One of the nine greatest archangels, Remiel is entrusted with the safe-keeping of the souls of the dead. But when a mortal invades his mind, filling his lonesome thoughts with strange new desires, he discovers that even God's heavenly Plan can have faults - and his disobedience has horrible consequences, as he plummets from the heavens. Ariadne is just a normal girl - if you overlook her recently murdered family, the resultant speech impediment, and her aptitude for drawing. Together, can these two broken souls find their redemption? Or will their growing bond lead only to more pain?


2. Chapter 2: Falling


            Three days passed in a blur, one endless moment of fear, longing, something else. A deep, heavy sadness that clawed at me like the devil talons the demons had used to tear us to pieces. I’d fought in the War. I’d felt the pain of those claws ripping into my flesh. I knew fear, knew pain. Knew death, in a way.

            I still didn’t want to die. Not yet. The bloody patch in my wings was like a reminder of everything I was about to lose. Everything I’d taken for granted, everything I’d thrown away with just one defiant thought. The strange wetness in my eyes was like an accusation, condemning me for a crime I didn’t know.

            A few of the others came over the three days, like little spots of light to awaken me from my stupor. Uriel came for my confession, which I withheld. I had nothing to say to him. Raguel came to apologize, to beg me to recant my statement – I didn’t listen to him either, but didn’t send him away immediately. I let him speak of the things I would miss. The feeling of flying through the clouds. The taste of the air when our Master was nearby. Others, but I barely remembered them as soon as they left.

            And then my time was up. Raguel came back with Amon, sometime in the afternoon, to collect me. I stumbled out of the dirty, cramped room in a daze, my breath coming in ragged gasps as I breathed the first fresh air I’d had in days. The room had become disconcertingly similar to the world outside the Gates, a warning of my future. The rest of my life would be lived outside the protective perfection of Heaven.

            We stopped in that same place at the edge of reality where I’d thrown the boy’s soul back. It was the closest to the mortal realm you could get while still technically in the Heavenly one. There were only a few others there, witnesses to ensure that everything went well.

            “Say goodbye to those little feathers, traitor.” Amon’s voice was jarringly harsh, bitter.

            I looked him in the eye. “You want me to beg or something? I’ve had three days to get ready for this.” Despite my words, my wingtips fluttered faintly with the worry and fear that pierced me like a knife. Raguel gave me a knowing look, sensing the faint disturbance in the air.

            “Let’s just get this over with Amon.”

            “Wait!” Jofiel came soaring up to us and alighted in front of me, her blue wings folding back behind her. “I demand the right of first blood.”

            Amon laughed. “Why would you ever believe you deserve that privilege?”


            That was when I’d had enough. “Hey, sorry to interrupt you fighting over who gets to cut my wings off first. But could we, you know, get it started already?”

            Raguel’s lips twitched a little into a faint smile. “I’m sorry for this, I really am.” He grabbed my arms and twisted them behind my back painfully. I tried not to struggle, tried to relax. Well, I never claimed that I was good at relaxing or just sitting down and taking it. It took only one little twist to throw him off, a desperate and yet calculated strike that tore my arms from his grip.

            “I’m sorry for this, I really am.” I echoed, and then I threw myself out into the abyss, just before Amon’s hands could grab me.

            As soon as I passed through the barrier between the realms, I felt myself Falling, losing control. My wings lost the power to control my flight, parachuting uselessly behind me instead. With a sickening crack, I felt my left wing break, sending a jolt of agony through me. The Fall continued, sending me hurtling to earth, my body spinning and shifting with every gust of wind. The ground loomed closer and I pulled my right wing up around me, trying to protect my body as I hurtled through a dense layer of green and brown thick things that tore roughly at my body.

            I heard a sickening crackling and felt something hard slam into my right side, but felt nothing. I opened my eyes to see the ground under me, sliding beneath me from the force of my Fall. I knew that I was the one slamming through the mulch and dirt, grinding to a halt a few hundred feet from the whole I’d made in the canopy of… trees. That was what they were, I suddenly remembered, as if from a long ago memory, buried by thousands of years of solitude.

            And then the pain came, all in one sudden burst, drowning out even my ability to scream.

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