Wanted (One Direction FanFiction)

18 year old Dita, is faced with an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Ryan. The same abuse she was faced with as a child when her father used to beat her and her mother. When she runs away from Ryan, she meets someone. Someone she never thought would make a huge impact on her life.


4. Chapter 3

Louis had put me down seconds earlier, I just stood before the familiar faces i had just saw a few minutes before I met Louis. "Dita, I"m going to go and get my keys and then we can go and get your ankle checked out. Oh and before i forget, Dita this is Harry and Gwen, Harry and Gwen, Dita." Harrys eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw me sitting there with bruises up and down my tiny body. I smiled at Louis laughing at Harrys reaction. Louis went upstairs to get his keys and then Gwen broke the awkward silence "Look Dita or whatever your name is, I told you before we are not helping you. This band doesn't need some girl living on the streets to come between it. Okay? Got that or do I need to--- " "Anything else you would like to say to her?" Louis cut Gwen off. I could tell Louis was very mad at what Gwen had just said. "Lets go Dita." I got up and tried to walk by myself but Louis and someone else had helped me to Louis car. It was Harry. "Harry calm your girlfriend. She doesn't need to be talking to Dita, my friend like that okay?" "Okay." It was like I was invisible to Harry, but i wanted to be. I didn't deserve all of this. I didn't need new people to help me when I needed it. I was a horrible person for making Harry get yelled at by Louis. I was going to talk to Louis on the way to the hospital just to get to know him a little more. Their was just something about Louis that made me feel comfortable with him. It's like I've know him or something. I dont know. I've never seen this boy before,Ever. But i feel like i know him. Yes i know he is the most popular boyband One Direction,but i feel like i really know him. I dont even know why, or how.



Louis POV:


I didn't know what it was about Dita, but she made me feel so comfortable. Yes i know we only met a few hours ago but she was one of those people that I could easily get along with. She asked me questions on the way to the hospital and i asked her a few of my own. I just wanted to know this beauty better. She was very familiar but I've never seen this girl before, ever in my life. We finally got to the hospital and they got her to the exam room quickly as possible.


"Mrs.Porterfield?" The doctor said as he had came in the exam room to tell Dita about her ankle.


"Yes?" Dita asked half terrified, as if she was scared of the hospital doctors. Which i couldn't blame her. I am to.


"Well, bad news, your ankle is broken. May I ask how you have been getting around?" The doctor asked her. "I have been helping her!" I quickly said. "Okay, well good job, she has you to help her with her ankle." I looked at Dita and she was blushing and it sure didn't go unnoticed by me or the doctor. "Lets get the cast on. What color would you like love?" The doctor asked. Dita looked at me telling me to pick for her. "Um, blue." She smiled letting me know I picked a great color. "Alright love, you're ready to go! If there's any problems please call." The doctor gave us a warm smile. I helped Dita back to car. So Dita, where do you live?" I asked not fully sure of where I should be taking her. "Um, I have no where to go. So drop me off at some park." She said with a sadden voice. "Oh no. You're not sleeping on some park bench. You can sleep at my flat. I have a extra bedroom you can sleep in."No, Louis. I don't want to invade your life. I don't want to upset Gwen again." She said. "You haven't took up half of my day. I had fun with you today, even if we just met a few hours ago. And Gwen, no one likes her. She won't mess with you. So lets go to me flat!" I was so happy that she was coming to my flat, it would give me and her some time to talk and to get to know each other better.

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