Wanted (One Direction FanFiction)

18 year old Dita, is faced with an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Ryan. The same abuse she was faced with as a child when her father used to beat her and her mother. When she runs away from Ryan, she meets someone. Someone she never thought would make a huge impact on her life.


2. Chapter 1

'Don't miss tonights sh-' The man on tv said before I picked up the dark remote and turned it off. I have been waiting for Ryan, my boyfriend to come home for a while now. He said he would come home at eight but it's already eleven. I sigh to myself and put my hands on the sofa cusion and lift up my small body. I slowly walk through the flat to our bedroom we share. I sit down on the end of the bed and lay down on my back with a bump. "Ow!" i groan when i hit the top of my head on the headboard. I groan loudly and get under the brown covers and pull them to my shoulders. I stare at the ceiling with my head propped up on the matching brown pillow.

As my eyes start to get heavy I hear a heavy burst through the wooden front door making me jump. I sit up quickly and walk down the dark hallway and to no surprise I see Ryan. Drunk. "Hey babeeee" Ryan slurred grabbing my shoulders and harshly shaking me. I chuckle nervously and put my hands on his forearms and slowly push him away. "Come on now, lets go to bed" I tell him softly and guide his unstable body down the dimmed hallway and into the bed room.

Ryan groans loudly and slams me against the wall. "Don't touch me!" he shouted at me multiple times. I back up slowly and say, "Babe, calm down. You are drunk" "I am not drunk!" He shouts even angrier and walks up to me slowly. I put my hands on his chest and push him slowly back. "Lay down" I order serious, but harshly.

He just rolls his eyes smirking at me, I have seen that smirk to much and have been hoping each time I did see it, it would be the last. But it never was. I want a normal, cute relationship with Ryan, which we do have, just not when he's drunk. He actually terrifies me.

I feel the hot tears well up my eyes, feeling the burn as one slips down my pale cheek. "Please don't" I whisper beg holding my hands up in front of my face, looking down to the side keeping my eyes shut, closed tight. "Please!" I scream as he starts the series of punches and jolts of kicks to my already brusied, small legs.

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