Wanted (One Direction FanFiction)

18 year old Dita, is faced with an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Ryan. The same abuse she was faced with as a child when her father used to beat her and her mother. When she runs away from Ryan, she meets someone. Someone she never thought would make a huge impact on her life.


3. Chaper 2

As I was getting the cruel, drunken punishment, the house phone rung. "Ugh! Don't move, we're not done here!" He walked into the kitchen where I wasn't visible anymore. This is it, I can escape this evil person and his drunk beatings. "Ow!" I whispered as I tried to get up. I finally got up and ran to the wooden front door. My feet carried me at a fast pace. I tripped and fell in front if this lovely couple and hurt my ankle. "Are you okay love?!" The curly headed stranger spoke. He had beautiful green eyes and perfect ringlets of his hair are to die for. "Erm not really.." I trailed off. "Harry lets not help this nasty human being, we've got places to be and things to do. I don't need you helping some girl who lives on the streets." The blonde headed girl spoke, I suspected it was his girlfriend. "Babe, be nice. She needs help!" He said arguing with the blonde. "I don't need this, if you help her I'm gone." Harry put his hands up in defeat. They walked away without any hesitation. I kept limping with every step until I bumped into this every attractive man. "I'm sorry love!" He says holding out his hand. "It's okay." I took his hand and he helped me off the ground. "You don't look like you're okay though." He said pointing at your swollen ankle and the bruises on my arms, face, and basically everywhere visible. "I'm okay. I promise." I say cringing at the thought of why those bruises were there. I tried to walk away but it didn't work very well. I had fallen into the mans arms. "Look at you! You can't even walk! I'm taking you to my house and then to the hospital. I'm Louis by the way." "No no no no no! I'm fine!" "Too bad." Louis picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. "Put me down please." I said annoyed that some stranger you just met was talking to house. 'So what's the name?" "Dita." I snapped back. "Louis I'm forever grateful for you helping me, but why? Why are you helping me?" I continued as i was still over Louis' shoulder. "Because i can tell that something, or someone hurt you and i don't like seeing people hurting, and i don't know I just had to help you." He said, I felt as if there was more behind why he had help me. We finally reached Louis' house and I saw someone that i never thought i would ever see again.

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