You're a Roller-coaster Ride

Sadie doesn't know what to do she's scared of almost everyone except her step-dad,brother,and loving mother. While on her wild ride of life she meets 5 amazing boys,and finds enduring love.


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The tank was on empty, my father usual . We went to like 3 gas stations all Pre-pay. My father too picky to use one of those.He finally resorted to use one of them. He started burning rubber on one of the most dangerous roads in Maryland. We were going around 80 mph;I was too scared to look.


That night my father said sorry, I was 9 so I was too stupid to say anything but,that's okay. I'm scared of my father it's pretty obvious.But soon I'm going to Notre Dame in the fall.

I'm Sadie and I want you to know about what happened in college that very first year.


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