You're a Roller-coaster Ride

Sadie doesn't know what to do she's scared of almost everyone except her step-dad,brother,and loving mother. While on her wild ride of life she meets 5 amazing boys,and finds enduring love.


2. Let's Leave

I just finished packing for college when my best friend comes over. 

"Hey Izzy." I say when she walks in. "Hey" she says. I give her a huge hug. "This is gonna be like the last day of 5th grade isn't it?" 

"Yeah only we're both gonna be crying" she says giggling. I went to a different middle school than her so it was really hard.We promised we'd spend some of the summer together and some of our holidays too. We let go of each other and she says she has to leave to catch her flight. We start to cry and I walk her out  to her car.My little brother came up from behind us. "Why are you guys crying?" He asked nervous, he was my best friend too.

"Because we're not going to see each other for a long time and we have to say goodbye." I say the tears rolling down my face.

Then my brother says the most sweetest  thing ever,"Than say hello."

"Hi Sadie.I'll call you later." She says it just like she would any other day.

"Hi Izzy see you"I say hugging her.

My parents and I were moving close to Notre Dame so that I can live with them on the weekends and such.

"Hey Sadie." A familiar voice said it was my father.My family were in the car but my mom came out and stood next to me.

"I just wanted to say good luck before you leave." He said

"I'll see you during the summer."He says. I'm smarter now and tell him that I won't and now he is getting angry.

I turn to my mom and I say,"Let's Leave." And we did.




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