You're a Roller-coaster Ride

Sadie doesn't know what to do she's scared of almost everyone except her step-dad,brother,and loving mother. While on her wild ride of life she meets 5 amazing boys,and finds enduring love.


4. Late Lovely Night


      Niall asked me to come over to hang out at his house. We watched Pitch Perfect and I just couldn't stop laughing!Then Niall handed me a beer. That's when he saw who I was and only a couple people have seen that. I started laughing at EVERYTHING and I was acting ridiculous and Niall got a kick out of that. Then we started watching "How I Met Your Mother"  he leaned in close and told me he would never leave me. And he kissed me and we totally made out. Then I ended up spending the night. So once woke, I sprinted all the way to my house And got dressed ( skinny jeans, cheer t-shirt, red converse and a purple hoodie ) and grabbed a Captain Crunch cereal box , and ate out of it until I was in the school parking lot.

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