You're a Roller-coaster Ride

Sadie doesn't know what to do she's scared of almost everyone except her step-dad,brother,and loving mother. While on her wild ride of life she meets 5 amazing boys,and finds enduring love.


3. First Day

I woke up and got in the shower.The hot water hitting my back felt so good .After awhile standing there I panicked, I had a history of extra long showers.I started to scrub my hair with shampoo and rinsed I felt like it was an important day so I repeated then put in conditioner.I got out of the shower and the mirror was foggy so I went in my room and put mousse in it and blow dried it. Then I styled it into curls and put it in a barret. I decided to go with a teal dress with lace all over it and put on a jean jacket  I put on my gray Toms. My mom made pancakes so I grabbed one of those and gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. Once I got in my orange Jeep I folded my pancake  like a taco and ate it on my way there.


Once I got there I went to the office to get my schedule once I got it I turned and ran into my cousin, Liam.

"Oh my goodness Liam I had no idea you went here!" I exclaimed

"Wow Sadie you look great here let me see your schedule." He said super excited. 

"Looks like we have English and Art 1 together we have Art 1 now you want to come with me?"

"Yes of course. Let's go!"

Then we walked to Art 1 talking and starting to catch up with each other.

Then we heard an Irish accent,"Hey Liam who is this?"

"Uh...this is my cousin Sadie Fielder" He said kind of uncomfortably "Hi nice to meet you Sadie I'm Niall Horan."

"Hello Niall nice to meet you too!" I say

He walked over and gave me a hug then Liam coughed and Niall pulled away. " Sorry I'm a hugger" he said sheepishly.

"It's okay." I say laughing

"So let me see your guys' schedules!" Niall says beaming.

We handed them to him. "Looks like I have every class with you Sadie!" 

"Yay" I yelled

Then the all three of us walked to Art 1!

In Art 1 we learned about portraiture and got our pictures taken for our portraits. The next class I had was choir and man Niall can sing.I sing like a dying walrus. But everyone says I am amazing but whatever. Next class was English I was excited 'cause I get to see Liam. When we got to lunch I got to meet Liam's other friends. 

Harry Styles=Flirt

Louis Tomlinson = Sassy

Zayn Malik= Mysterious

Niall Horan= Hungery

the rest of the day went really fast except for Math 1 it never goes by fast.

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