Between The Lies.

Violet Cummings always thought her relationship with her boyfriend Harry was perfect. He treated her like a princess and she was madly in love. While time goes by she begins to unravel the secrets. How will Violet react finding out Harry's true colors. What happens when Violet finds out whats really between all the lies.


1. Intro.

  When you fall in love for the first time you always fall hard, you turn blind. You never see all the signs, the red flags. Your so head over heals in the love with that person you never imagined they would ever hurt you.                                                               

The person who would literally do anything just to see you smile or wake up early in the morning to make you breakfast. The one who writes you sappy little love notes and call you baby. The one who makes your heart skip when he whisper's how much he loves you in your ear. You never thought in a million years they would cause you never ending pain.

But after everything you can't help but wish you weren't so blind. Maybe if you did see all the signs, if you weren't so stupid to think you two were perfect things might of turned out differently. But were only foolish girls who make the mistake to believe him when he says how much he loves you.









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