Between The Lies.

Violet Cummings always thought her relationship with her boyfriend Harry was perfect. He treated her like a princess and she was madly in love. While time goes by she begins to unravel the secrets. How will Violet react finding out Harry's true colors. What happens when Violet finds out whats really between all the lies.


2. Hurt.

(Violet's POV)

Lauren Jacobs touched her split lip and gazed with a mature of fury and awe at her blood stained fingertips.

One right hook had laid the skinny blond straight on her ass. "WHAT THE HELL VIOLET" Laurens squeaky voice echoed through the halls.

"Whats the matter Lauren" I asked while massaging my knuckles trying to relive the aching pain "You couldn't find your own boyfriend"

"Oh I could" she brushed the dirt off her designer jeans as she used the wall to rise to her feet "he just happened to be yours at the time"  

A chorus of "ohhhhh" echoed around us.

"With all the guys who come in and out of the revolving doors to your Toyota's backseat ,you still had to get your slutty hands on Harry"

The crowed hollered again. People flooded out the back doors, the circle around us growing thicker by the minuet. It was funny how we were in collage but we still treated this like a school fight. Rule #1, It dose not matter who you cheer for as long as someone got smacked around.

"Violet Stop" a deep voice called out, somewhere in the sea of jackets and T-shirts a black leather jacket made its way through the crowed. Harry Styles finally elbowed into the inner circle. He stopped dead in his tracks as he looked over Laurens face.

When my best friend Amy broke the news about Harry and Lauren's kiss last night at Chris Rogers party,  I thought of all the awful things I would say to him , do to him. But as I stood face to face with the guy who through our 8 months out the window like a piece of trash, I couldn't pretend to be anything but hurt, broken. Maybe I was just naive to think we were perfect It being my first real relationship, but nothing about our relationship yelled "just a fling" to me.

"Really Harry" I said finally my voice sounding far more pathetic then I intended. "How could you do this, especially with her of all people"

"HEY" Lauren protested from behind where we stood.

"SHUT UP, BITCH" I yelled raising my hand to shush her.

Harry shifted his bag to his other shoulder uncomfortably not liking ninety five percent of the university staring at him. "Violet, I'm not doing this here" he spoke up with a stern voice.

"I'm sorry" I said quietly, unconscionably looking down at my feet twisting the diamond heart shaped ring he gave me for our 5 month anniversary. "Is there some other place quieter you had in mind to brake my heart"

For a moment when he tugged the curls on the back of his neck, when his feet shuffled restlessly in place , I couldn't help but think about just last week when I had to go to the jail and bail him out. He still didn't tell me why he got arrested, the only thing he would say was "Don't worry about it, its only some businesses trouble" that seemed to be his answer for everything lately. 

"Violet, lets go talk about this somewhere else" he pushed again. "Somewhere a little more privet, were can talk about us" before I could even resist Harry's huge hands grabbed mine pulling me away from the crowed. I wanted to pull away and give him hell, but the way "us" fell off his perfect lips I couldn't help but fall under his spell just  like I did in the first place.



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