Between The Lies.

Violet Cummings always thought her relationship with her boyfriend Harry was perfect. He treated her like a princess and she was madly in love. While time goes by she begins to unravel the secrets. How will Violet react finding out Harry's true colors. What happens when Violet finds out whats really between all the lies.


3. 3 year later.


(3 years later)

Vilots POV

“Fuck You Harry” I screamed at top of my lungs finding the nearest thing I could chuck at my ignorant, self-centered, lying, selfish boyfriends head.

“What the actual fuck Violet, what the hell is wrong with you” he yelled back stunted after dodging the glass vase that was aimed right for his head, but it smashed against the wall shards of glass shattering everywhere.

I stood there eyes squeezed shut, fists clenched, body trembling holding in tears that so desperately wanted to come out. But I refuse to cry, I wont let myself cry anymore. All I’ve been doing the last few days is cry and I’ve had enough of felling sorry for myself.

“Baby please just calm down” Harry begged as he saw me brake apart right in front of his eyes.

“No” I blurted out your eyes snapping open. “No I’m so sick of this shit Harry,. I gave up everything to be with you, my family, my career and what do you do. Come how all hours of the night, keeping secretes, lie to me all the time. Then to top it all off I have to sit here and watch my life run by as you get to live yours. How could you possibly think I deserve this” I questioned no longer able to hold in my tears.

He sighs loudly, running his hands though his messy curls. “ You know I do is for a reason. To take care of you, take care of us” he explained grabbing hold of my face between his rough hands gently bringing me closer. “You know I love you Violet , more than anything” he whispered trailing kisses down my neck.

I shook my head lightly, pushing at his chest. I wouldn’t let yourself fall under his spell, not this time. I didn’t want to forgive him right away like I always do. All he had to do was say sweet words and promise it would never happen and I’ll go right back to him like the nave girl I am. But not this time. I tired of him treating me this way, he needs to understand he cant and will not do this anymore.

“ Harry you don’t understand I cant do this much longer. We cant keep pretending everything’s alright when its clearly not”

He dropped his hands from my face stepping back rubbing his face in frustration. “Fuck Violet, you new who I was before we decided to be together, you said you could see past it” he argued anger taking over his lovely features. I wanted nothing more then to kiss the worry away, tell him everything will be fine. But I cant keep doing that. Giving in. I have to stay strong.

“That was before Harry” I pointed out “ Before we got this serious, we live together now. We’ve been talking about marriage, starting a family. How am I suppose to believe your ready for that kind of responsibility when you go around selling drugs and constantly getting in fights. How can we have a family when you live this kind of life Harry” I ask while tears stream down my face.

Harry shook his head as he sat down on the coffee table in front of where I was standing resting his head in his hands. We both sat there quite no longer knowing what to say to one another. The last few days have just been so hard for you both. Harry change in behavior has caused a big hole our relationship. Him being apart of that association with the wrong kind of people, selling drugs, fighting. I was ready to start a family, start thinking about my future. And if he dose not make the right decision tonight, will have no future.

He brought his head up resting his head on his hands his emerald eyes filled with hurt. “Do I really make you that unhappy”

“Do you know how many times I’ve imagined spending the rest of my life with you. Having children with you, having a little girl who’s as beautiful as you” he paused standing up walking he over to me. My heart throbbed as he spoke. “ Teaching my son how to play football, waking up to you every morning remembering how I’m the luckiest man in the world”

By now I couldn’t take it I was a sobbing mess. He grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers gently pulling you into his chest. “There’s nothing I’ve wanted more then to be with you baby” he confessed wrapping his hands around my waist lightly rubbing his fingers along the exposed skin of my lower back.

Harry’s confession made my head hurt. This was the first time we’ve really had an conversation about this topic and to hear him say he wants all of that with me made all the pain go away.

I placed my hands on his naked chest running them up his body making him shiver at my touch “I want that to Harry”

He pulled me closer resting his forehead against mine. “But baby you need to understand this is the life I’ve always had. I don’t know anything else” he explained “It’s also going to take awhile to get out”

I nodded my head “Along as you show me you care, I need you Harry”

“I’m right here love, always will be. You’re my angle, I’m nothing without you” he promised his warm hands calming me down as he caressed my cheeks.

“Just please no more secrets, no more lies. I just need you to be honest with me Harry” I begged wrapping my arms tight around his neck resting my head in the crook of his neck.

“There some things your better off not knowing. This is a scary world baby and I’ll do anything in my power to protect you from that” he argued

I sighed loudly looking up at him making him lightly laugh. “ But I will tell you everything you need to know” he promised.

I wanted to fight with him, tell him I’m not a child and I can take care of myself. But I didn’t want to fight. Everything we just talked about has been so much progress, I didn’t want to ruin that with fighting. So I nodded leaning more into his chest wondering how I got in this mess

When I first meet Harry he was a complete rude ass hole who didn’t care about anyone but himself. We didn’t get along at all at first. I hated his guts he always made me so angry. But one day by the lake when he kissed me I noticed something. The reason Harry acted so hateful was because he never felt love. That’s why people say I changed him, and I guess I did in a way. I showed him what it was like to love and be loved. I new this was all new for him, he’s still not very comfortable with confessing his feelings. So when Harry stood there confessing his true feelings I new I had to mean something to him.

I felt big hands make there way up my back slowly moving up and down on my cold skin, resting his head in the crook of my neck. “Baby please, I can’t take it when your mad at me” he wined in a baby voice squeezing me in a big hug. I tried to hold in my laughter as long as I could, but its impossible to stay made at him longer then a few minutes.

I pressed sweet gentle kiss all over his tanned perfectly toned chest. “I love you Harry” I whispered moving my lips up his neck to his lips.

“I love you to beautiful, more than you could ever imagine”



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