I'll Find You

Emily and Louis have been together forever, and have been recently engaged. But a civil war between Northern and Southern Britain rages out, Louis along with the other men are forced to fight on the front line, and has been made the Captain of his section! If this wasn't hard enough for Emily, you couldn't imagine how she felt when the general of the south, Liam Payne, decides to kidnap Emily, forcing Louis to come to her rescue!

Rated Yellow for language, fighting, and etc.


2. Chapter Two.

Okay... I want to give a special shout out to wolfy2233, Weeeeee, and xoMK. Thank you much for all the support. It means the world to me!!!!!

Chapter Two:

As fast as the following week went by, I couldn't keep my mind off of what Louis had said to his father. Would he really have to go off to war? We finally told everyone about the wedding, and they were over joyed. Harry was chosen as Louis' best man. Most of my friends lived over seas in Canada, and couldn't make it. Only close family members were coming to attend, so I hadn't really decided who my maid of honor would be just yet.

We decided for the wedding to be in November... which was about five months away. We hadn't heard from Louis' father since than, and Louis didn't show any sign of worry or anything. It all came back when I woke Sunday morning, and Louis was gone. I panicked, and pulled on my housecoat. Pulling my hair into a lazy bun, I stepped outside and saw Louis sitting at the table with a coffee mug, his hands on his face. I whispered,"Hun..."

He looked up quickly and saw me. He smiled weakly, before returning to his cup of coffee. I sat down next to him and whispered," What's wrong?" Pouring myself another cup of coffee, his voice was hoarse," Phone call from the military", my eyes widened while I waited for him to continue," Dad has been killed in action." My heart pounded, I felt sad for Louis as he never got to say goodbye, but also scared, this could only mean one thing...

"I have to head up north to camp, and take his place", I couldn't stop the tears from coming. He held me tightly and I cried. I was going to lose him, just like I was afraid I would. I lost everyone, and now this?!

I pulled away, and for the first time I noticed how exhausted he looked. Huge bags were forming around his beautiful blue eyes. I held his hand and tried to be strong. I had to be. For him, and for us. I said," I know what it's like to lose a father", he smiled weakly and hugged me. From what I heard he was whimpering lightly," I never got to say goodbye."

"Do what you have to do, Louis. We will hold off the wedding as long as we need to", I looked into his eyes, and I knew that I needed to be strong, and that's exactly what I would do.

It seemed within only a few hours Louis was packed, and after supper his cab was at the front door to collect him. We hugged each other tight for a few short moments. He promised he would return as soon as he could, and just like that. He was gone. 

Louis' P.O.V.

Saying goodbye to her was the hardest thing I had ever done. But I had no choice, but to take my fathers place. I was still pretty shaken that I didn't even get to say goodbye to him before he died. Even though they were divorced, Mum seemed to be taking the death pretty hard. 

After the uncomfortable cab ride, I was joined by another uncomfortable airplane ride up north. Sitting between a sick little boy who kept coughing on my arm, and an elderly woman who appeared to be flirting with me. The flight was about three hours, which was way to much free time to think. Should I really have left Emily like that? Of course I didn't want to, it was mandatory for me to take Dad's place in case of death. But still I felt like I betrayed her....

After the plane, I was greeted by some of the military officers, and driven to the camp. I was given a uniform, a white shirt, with blue slacks, with a matching decorative blue blazer. I was also given a official Captain's hat as a sign of authority. Wow, Captain of a whole section of the military. How did Dad ever get through all the pressure of this job?

I was greeted by several soldiers and officials, who gave condolences about my father, and suggested I get some rest before I get to work tomorrow. I agreed and followed them to my tent, lugging my heavy suitcases behind me. Once I was alone, the first thing I did was place a photo of Emily beside my bed. I missed her so much it hurt like hell. You may say I was overreacting but no one understands what its like to be so in love, and than just leave. I would never admit it, but I was scared.

Emily's P.O.V.

Louis texted me one he arrived at camp, and sent me a picture of him in his suit. He was so handsome with his captain's hat, and his blue blazer. He said it wasn't as bad as it looked, but he missed me like crazy. I knew exactly what he meant. The minute he walked out the door, I had been in tears. What if he followed in his fathers terrible fate? 

But I carried on, I had to. Louis either wrote on called me everyday, and it was great. It was almost like he was right here beside me. But he wasn't, he was off fighting a war, a real war. With killing and shooting, and death. Harry came once in a while for coffee, and to help me deal with some of the choices for the wedding, since he knew Louis best and knew what he would like for most everything.

After about a week, the loneliness really started to bother me. Being alone for so long was something I wasn't used to. I tossed and turned for a few hours before getting up at roughly 3 am. I staggered to the kitchen and poured myself some milk. Milk had always calmed me down when I was stressed out, even when I was a little girl. 

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang emanating from the living room. I set my glass down and went to see what was going on. Nothing seemed to be there, so I returned to the kitchen to drink my milk. But as soon as I sat down, a large pair of arms clasped around me and lifted me out of the chair. My legs flailed in the air, and knocked over my milk. I heard it smash to the ground with a large SMASH. I knew the neighbors were next door, and maybe they could call 911 if they heard me scream. I screamed as loud as I could, but before I get yell loud enough to be heard, the arms covered my mouth with a damp cloth. Cloroform?! That was so... cheesy... like seriously who cloroforms people besides in the movies?!

My eyes started to droop, and I felt weaker, and unable to fight back anymore. The last thing I had seen before passing out completely was the ceiling of a car, and car door slamming shut....

Author's Note:

Well that's all folks!! I know I am super late, but I had literally no time. If anyone is interested in book cover edits, I am still open for people to email me at mr.potato.head998@gmail.com. I know the chapter is a tad short, but I didn't want to over sell it, and wanted to leave some cliffhangers. It may be a while before I update again, but I will try my best in terms of an Ipod keyboard. 

Emily :D

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