I'll Find You

Emily and Louis have been together forever, and have been recently engaged. But a civil war between Northern and Southern Britain rages out, Louis along with the other men are forced to fight on the front line, and has been made the Captain of his section! If this wasn't hard enough for Emily, you couldn't imagine how she felt when the general of the south, Liam Payne, decides to kidnap Emily, forcing Louis to come to her rescue!

Rated Yellow for language, fighting, and etc.


1. Chapter One.

"Hurry up with the popcorn Louis, the movie's about to start!" I yelled from the couch in the living room. It was our weekly date night, and I had persuaded him to let us watch Baby Mama. He stumbled into the room with the bowl of popcorn under his arm, and a glass of coke in each hand," Did you remember the dill seasoning?" I asked with one eyebrow raised, and smiling cutely. He whispered," Uhh--", He gave me one of his cheesy goofy smiles, and I gently nudged him in the shoulder, getting up to get the seasoning. 

When I returned from the kitchen, after putting the seasoning back in the cupboard, I saw the television blaring with what appeared to be a news report. Sitting beside Louis we listened to what was going on:

News Woman: We interrupt this television broadcast to deliver this breaking news.

* photos and videos are shown of what appears to be a fight or war *

News Woman: War has officially broken out between Northern and Southern Britain. Any who are able are advised to recruit or help in any way they can in this difficult time!

"That's terrible! I wonder how this all started", I whispered, feeling safe with Louis' arms around me to protect me. Louis' father was the Captain of his section for the military, which made it very hard on Louis to hardly ever see his father who was constantly away dealing with his work duties. 

The news report ended and the movie came back on and began playing. We laughed at nearly every scene. I loved Tina Fey, she was so funny! I guess I used to watch a lot of her movies with my dad, who liked her himself. Before my father passed away from lung cancer, we had watched some old episodes of 30 Rock, a show she had been in for several years with Alec Baldwin. I held this memory very dear to me, just remembering his smile. When he passed, I was so happy I had Louis for emotional support, or I don't know what I would have done.

The movie had a commercial break, and I told Louis I was going to the washroom. When I came back, I was in shock. There in front of me, was Louis on one knee, with none other than a small black velvet box. I froze, and held my hands to head, and covered my face, smiling like an idiot. 

"E-Emily P-P-Paige, I have known you for as long as I can remember and you have made everyday of my life worth living. I think I'm in l-love with you. You are the most smart, kind, and b-beautiful woman I have ever met," he stuttered which was something new. Usually he spoke so calm, and confident, with a sassy touch," I-I guess what I-I'm trying to s-say is... Emily Paige, will you do me the honors in being my bride?" He opened the box, and inside was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. 

It was a simple ring, with a twisted band, with small diamonds embroidering the band. The center of the ring was a hexagon shaped diamond with a simple clasp. I was in awe, and didn't know what to say. I nodded my head and smiled from ear to ear, blushing," Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!"

The smile that followed from his extremely handsome face was all I needed to see to know I had made the right decision. Louis would treat me right, and would always love me as long as we lived. He ran to me and gave a romantic hug, which ended up with him lifting my tiny body into the air, and spinning me around. 

We finished the movie and decided to go to bed. I quickly changed into some sweats and one of Louis' old tee shirts, while he wore some old pajama bottoms and a high school sweat shirt. 

Louis had moved in the previous year, and we had got used to sleeping in the same bed. We hadn't had sex yet, we both believed in waiting til after marriage. I got in on my side, and Louis cuddled me from his side. Waking at roughly 3 am, I heard Louis shuffling around. I mumbled lightly still half asleep," Wha-what are you doing, hun?" Louis whispered," Just going to get a glass of milk, go back to sleep babe". I nodded and put my head back on the pillow. He left the room, and after a few minutes he still hadn't returned, and I heard voices.

Creeping out my bed ever so quietly, I snuck into the living room. Louis was on the phone with someone. Louis spoke softly," Dad, I proposed to her because I love her, no I will not postpone shit to go up to camp. I have a chance to start a family with the woman I love, I won't let any goddamn war take this away from me. I promise myself, and her."

His father mumbled on the other line, and Louis replied," Well I'm going to get some rest, and I think you should too", the voice on the other end snapped at Louis, and Louis sighed, then hung up dramatically. Racing back to my room, I lied down in the bed and pretended to be asleep. Louis quickly joined me and returned to coddling my tiny body.

I couldn't sleep thinking about what his father and him had spoken about. Would Louis really postpone the wedding to go help the others in the war? I knew he said he wouldn't but everyone knew Louis put others before himself, and if saving his home was what everyone needed him to do, he would be there in a heartbeat. It worried me to picture Louis out there risking his life in a war of all things. Wars had always made me uncomfortable, why all the killing and the hate? It just didn't make sense to me.

After a bit, I drifted to sleep, and dreamed I was staring at Louis in a suit, smiling like it was the best day of his life. I was in a beautiful wedding dress, and I walked down the aisle. But as much as I walked, the aisle seemed to grow longer, and I couldn't reach him. Louis didn't seem to realize, but just kept staring at me, and smiling. Almost like a frozen picture frame. 



Thanks everyone for reading my story, and all the support. I know this chapter is really short for the first chapter, but everything will come together and make this fanfic work amazingly. I am not always open to a computer, so some of my updates may be late, but I will do my very best!! I am also offering free covers for someone's fanfic if they would like. If you are interested email me at mr.potato.head998@gmail.com with the title of your fanfic and a link to their fanfic. This is a limited time offer, and it will end on April 28th!!! Please comment your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yours, EMILY :D

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