Chantell is a die hard fan of the world biggest boyband one direction,her and her best friend Abagail get front row seats and backstage passes to their concer when the unexpeced happens... will she fall in love or will it be a hate releshionsip well you'll have to read to find out and yeah this is my first fanfiction


1. The unexpected phone call

It was 6AM in America and Chantell recived a phone call of her best friend Abagail."Abagail what do you want?it's 6AM and its the weekend and I'm trying to sleep!"

"Would you be mad at me if I told you I was phoning you a 6AM to tell you that I Abagail have just got me and you front row seats to the one direction concert?"

"OMG no way have you really,or are you just pulling my leg?"(joking)

Well Chantell was really happy that she had one direction tickets but would she be able to go as her dad was very controlive and abusive since her mum died of cancer when she was just 7 but shes 15 now and her dad still abuses her  every morning and every night and shes only allowed out to go to school.She dosen't tell anyone what he dose to her because if she did it would just get worse,well really she had no one incept abigale to tell because she got bullied at school for all her cuts and bruises witch her dad left her with, everyone called her a emo because of them,she won't even tell abagail because if she did she wouldn't let her go back wich would lead to both of them getting hit.This time was diffrent chantell didn't care anymore about what her dad said or did to her,she was going to the one direction concert wether he liked it or not.

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