Chantell is a die hard fan of the world biggest boyband one direction,her and her best friend Abagail get front row seats and backstage passes to their concer when the unexpeced happens... will she fall in love or will it be a hate releshionsip well you'll have to read to find out and yeah this is my first fanfiction


2. The night of the concert

WOOOO it was the night of the one direction concert but it was only 10AM witch meant time for her to get hit because she wanted to go in the shower and her dad moaned she was using to much hot water.Well after the beating she dried her hair and curled it,done her make up and got dressed into a low cut blue dress and some white high heels.

I ran downstair as fast as i could but nearly fell down them seeing i'm wearing heels i dived for the door but got pulled away from it by the man i have to call my father. "where do you think your going and especially dressed like that you little slut just like your ******* mam!"

"Don't ever speak about her like that again"

"oh and what are you going to do missy ?take of them stupid clothes now infront of me and those silly shoes and get upstair and get ready for me after i have a drink"


OMG i think he's going to rape me,what am i gunna do?Well I ran upstair got my clothes and shoes back on,but the only way to escape was the window so i opend it and jumped!Well it was abit far down so i sprained my ankle and got my dress muddy,but i still ran as fast as i could all the way to abigales house and knocked on her door luckily she answerd straight away and i got into her mams car and away i was to the one direction concert.

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