Chantell is a die hard fan of the world biggest boyband one direction,her and her best friend Abagail get front row seats and backstage passes to their concer when the unexpeced happens... will she fall in love or will it be a hate releshionsip well you'll have to read to find out and yeah this is my first fanfiction


5. still backstage

harrys pov

i have to admit abigale is the prettiest girl i have ever layed my eyes on and i have layed them on a lot of females in my time.she came into my room to talk well she was really badley fan girling asking me to follow her on twitter and everything,i really liked her so yes i did follow her back and then i asked her questions about her life and she answerd them hopefully truthfully.

i gave her my phone number and told her to phone or text me when ever she needs to talk to someone and i asked her if she wanted to stay with me for the night and she said yes as long as chantell stayed with niall and as long as she could speak to her first so i had to let her,and hopefully i don't try it on with her tonight or she won't be intreasted in me at all.


Abagails pov

Ovibouslley i would spend the night with harry hes perfect and hes my idol and i love him so so much and yeah i hope he dose try it on with me and no i'm not a slag but if harry styles asked you for sex you would say yes,every girl would

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