Chantell is a die hard fan of the world biggest boyband one direction,her and her best friend Abagail get front row seats and backstage passes to their concer when the unexpeced happens... will she fall in love or will it be a hate releshionsip well you'll have to read to find out and yeah this is my first fanfiction


3. in o2 arena

We are in the arena and one direction are jew to come on in 5 minutes,OMG this is going to be the best day of my life i really can't wait it's going to be amazayn(<----sorry i had to do it cos i'm a carrot) the 5 minute wait was over I finally got to see the 5 most beautiful boys,my dream was finally coming true.

Then out of no where they poped up from the ground and omg they are just perfect,i felt like i couldn't breath because i was in that much of a shock.i was having the time of my life until i relised that i have no where to go after the concert because i couldn't go back there and get anther beating and mabey raped no way i would rather sleep on the streets to be honest.

i didn't wanna think about that right now i just wanted to enjoy the i was starting to get worried beause the concert came to an end and even tho abagail is my best friend i stil didn't want to ask her if i could sleep at hers incase she thought i was being cheeky.

So at the end of the concert we waited till everyone was gone before we decided to leave well to be honest i didn't want to leave at all i would happily sleep in there than at home.Then niall came on stage and asked us if we had backstage passes then we remeberd we did so we went backstage with him.

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