Chantell is a die hard fan of the world biggest boyband one direction,her and her best friend Abagail get front row seats and backstage passes to their concer when the unexpeced happens... will she fall in love or will it be a hate releshionsip well you'll have to read to find out and yeah this is my first fanfiction


4. backstage

We were now backstage at the concert and abagail went with harry because he said he had to talk to her while niall wanted to talk to me wich i was very scared because i didn't know what he wanted,i knew he wouldn't hurt me tho well i hope not!

Nialls pov

she was the most beatiful gir ever and she just mealted my heart every time i looked at her and i just wanted her to be mine right now but i have to get to know her first,i was gunna ask her questions about her life seeing she knows everything about me but then i noticed the cuts and brusies on her arms and legs so i decided not to ask her because i didn't want to upset her and i wanted her to like me not hate me.

she catched me staring at her bruises at cuts but even tho she didn't know me she told me the whole story of her mum dying and her dad well suposed to be her dad abusing her and how se couldn't go back home,i felt so sorry for her and i have to admit that i started to get a tear in my eye because her story was that said,aw i was starting to fall for her hopefully she is too.

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