Vas Happenin


7. Wrong Thoughts

You couldn’t believe how stupid you had been. Of course he didn’t like you. It was probably a wrong number, just a silly joke. Or if the number really was real, you were probably just one of the girls. There was no reason at all that he actually would like you. You found Zayn drawing and threw it in the trashcan. Then you went straight to bed.




Of course you couldn’t sleep. It was only four in the afternoon, but you just lay there for hours and cried. You felt ridiculous and stupid. You felt stupid for believing that someone that flawless would ever like someone as imperfect as you. You felt stupid for crying of someone you barely knew. Why did you react so strong? What was going on? You had met him one time and now you were lying here, crying just because he liked another girl. This wasn’t normal. It couldn’t be.




After about five hours you finally fell asleep.




Next morning you woke up because your stomach rumbled. But even though you were hungry, you didn’t even move. This was one of those days you just wished would get canceled. You just wanted to go back to sleep. But after a while of lying in your bed without moving, you somehow decided to get up. It was weird how much difference there was from yesterday and today. You took some ripped jeans and a band t-shirt on. You weren’t hungry at all, so you just grabbed an apple on your way out of the door.




You managed to keep you friends from being suspicious throughout the entire school day. Except from one time in the break where the radio started playing One Direction. You tried to stay calm, but the feelings were too overwhelming, so you asked Sara to turn off the radio. She looked weird at you, but turned it off. It felt ridiculous that you had to fight to keep your tears back, just because of a song.




More days like that went by. You tried to stay calm and tried to avoid everything that had anything to do with Zayn or One Direction. One day when you were at the mall with your friend Jessica, you even had to find an excuse to go out of a store, because they played “What makes you beautiful.” You knew it was silly.




You kept hoping that this stupid feeling would go away. You felt like you were going crazy. But after almost a week with stupid excuses and ridiculous heartache, it was still there. You were on your way home from school, when you decided to visit your favorite café, where you always went when you were in a mood for being alone and think.




The café was almost empty. You sat down on the very same seat you sat on when you met Zayn. You brain still hadn’t complete understood that you actually  had met him. It was more like a realistic dream. You were just sitting in your own little world, for god knows how long. You didn’t really felt like drawing. It scared you. Normally you always wanted to draw, no matter where you were and who was with you. But today you weren’t in the mood.



You must have looked sadder than you meant to, cause suddenly you heard a voice asking; “Are you okay?” You froze. 

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