Vas Happenin


4. Still a Teenage Boy

“It was really nice meeting you too,” you said, and added “in real life.” That made him smile. He stood up. You didn’t know weather to get up as well, but you decided to go home now as well. So you quickly collected your stuff and while you thought Zayn wouldn’t see it, you shoved his drawing in between your own. You stuffed all your things back in your bag and stood up. Zayn also didn’t seem to know what to do. You were surprised to see that he was actually a bit shy. He slowly took a step closer to you, and you could feel your heart beating faster. Just as you were about to reach your hand out to give him a handshake, he opened his arms and hugged you. You almost couldn’t breath, and for a moment you seriously thought you would faint. The smell of him and his hands around you was something you hadn’t even dared to dream about. Your knees felt way to weak to hold your body, but somehow you managed to stay conscious. You could feel that he smelled your hair. You were still in a dreamlike state when he slowly loosened his grip around you. He had only hugged you for about 5 seconds, but those couple of seconds had been the best seconds in your whole life. He smiled and repeated: “It was nice to meet you,” he smiled the cutest smile you had ever seen. You smiled back. The special moment was suddenly ripped apart by his cellphone. He smiled without saying anything, answered his phone with a “Hi,” and looked at you a last time. Then he opened the door and went out on the street. Not even the cold weather could get you out of you daydreams.   The dreamlike feeling still hadn’t left you, when you also stepped out in the human filled street and it didn’t disappear before you stepped in your door at home. “Hi,” you called out, expecting your mom to be home. You were just about to take of your shoes, when your mom appeared in the doorway. “Why haven’t you cleaned your room?” she asked in her usual mom-voice. The nice, bubbly feeling Zayn had left you with disappeared in one second. “Sorry mom, I was in the café,” you said a little annoyed. “Again?!” your mom asked. You sighed. “Yes, again.” You grabbed you bag and your jacket and went to your room without saying more. Your room welcomed you with the same mess you have left in the morning. Pieces of clothing covered the floor. You turned on the radio and started cleaning.  

You were almost done and you could see you furniture again. Suddenly a very well known beat came from the radio. You didn’t think more of it till you heard his voice. “So co-come on, you got it wrong…” It was Zayn’s voice. Your heart started beating ridiculously fast. You had to sit down on your bed. You knew it was stupid to react like this, but all the feelings that you had held back on the café came back now. You sat on your bed long time after the song was finished, just thinking. Meeting Zayn was something you had dreamed about for a very long time and when it actually happened, it was much better than expected. You had felt like you and Zayn had known each other for years. Zayn’s drawing popped in to your mind. You ran over to your bag and found it between all your own drawings. You opened it where it was folded on the middle. He had drawn a bird. On the birds wing the feathers formed a little heart. It was incredibly beautiful. You noticed that your thumb was covering something in the bottom of the paper. You removed it. It took a little time for you to realize what it was. When you found out, you couldn’t breath. You dumped down on the floor.

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