Vas Happenin


3. Shy Times

“Excuse me, I have to answer this,” he pointed at his cellphone and looked apologetic at me. You just smiled and nodded. He stood up and walked by some giggling girls your own age. You could see him standing and talking, but you couldn’t hear what he was saying. You couldn’t help but imagining who he was talking with. Maybe it was Louis, or Niall, or Harry, or maybe Liam. You just sat in your own little world, smiling like an idiot, sipping of your latte. You must have been more busy dreaming than you’ve thought, cause suddenly he was standing by your table again. “Sorry,” he said. “No problem,” you smiled. “You must me very busy.” He smiled and nodded a bit. “Yeah, I mean I love it and all that, but it can be annoying sometimes. I really don’t get to do any relaxing.” He smiled a bit and continued; “I wish I had more time to draw.” You followed his eyes to your sketchpad. You took it and tore a clean piece of paper out of the sketchpad. “Here you go,” you said and gave him a pencil. He grabbed the paper and the pencil, smiled, and sat down next to you again. He started drawing. You had to close your eyes for a second and open them again to believe that you were actually sitting here, on the same café as you did everyday, drawing as you did everyday, but with Zayn Malik. As if he could read your thoughts, he lifted his head and smiled at you. You smiled back. He continued drawing. You turned the page on your sketchpad and began drawing a feather. You enjoyed finally drawing with someone. It felt amazing just sitting there. The silence was surprisingly not even awkward. It was one of those nice silences. Suddenly Zayn’s phone rang again. He hung up without even answering. Zayn sighed and looked at you. You smiled a little smile. “I’m so sorry, but I have to go,” he said. He really sounded like he meant it. You tried to hide your disappointment. “It’s okay,” you said.

“It was really nice to talk to you. It was nice drawing again.” He smiled, but were clearly annoyed that he had to go. It made you happy that he didn’t want to leave. He scratched something on the bottom of the paper he had drawn on, folded it on the middle and lay it back on the table.

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