Vas Happenin


11. Now In Love

He went to a door in the opposite side of the room. It led out to a small garden with hurdles all around it. He found a plaid and laid it on the grass. He dumped down on the plaid and pulled you with him. You landed on the top of him. He looked straight into your eyes. You blushed. He kissed your forehead. But this time it was more than just a quick kiss. You could feel more feeling behind it. You closed your eyes. You could feel Zayn breathe and that made you relax even more. He played with your hair. This was everything you had ever dreamed of. Such a precious moment, that you were sure you’d never forget. He began to sing quietly. You heart stopped beating. You opened your eyes and looked at him. His eyes were closed. He clearly didn’t think about what he was doing, but this was the first time you ever heard him sing, for real.


“You voice is so beautiful,” you said fascinated. He opened his eyes a bit and smiled.


“Thank you, love.” You smiled and laid your head back on his chest.


“Don’t stop singing,” you said. You could hear him laugh. But he started singing again. Your heart started racing when recognized the song as “Everything About You.” You looked at him again. His eyes were closed while he stroked your hair. You just looked at him. Watched his every move. You couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. You reached out to kiss him on the neck. He smiled a huge smile. A piece of his dark hair peeped out under his beanie.


“ZAYN?!” Someone called from inside the house. Zayn immediately opened his eyes wide. You rolled of Zayn and did the same. You couldn’t believe your own ears.


“Zayn? Where are you? OH…” Harry stood in the door. Harry Styles. HARRY STYLES! You didn’t know what to do, so you just starred at him like some freak. He starred at you too, but after a little while his surprised face turned in to a cheeky smile.


“What?” Zayn asked, and looked a bit annoyed at Harry. He had moved a bit away from you.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb.” Harry looked at you with a cheeky smile. You blushed. He came towards you and reached out his hand. You were like frozen, but you managed to give him your hand. Some weird noise came out of your mouth. Harry laughed.


“I’m Harry,” he said.


“Yes. You. Are,” you whispered. You could see out of your eyehook that Zayn couldn’t keep a straight face. He was trying not to laugh. He apparently realized that you weren’t able to lead a decent conversation.


“Harry, this is Kirstin,” he said.


“Hi Kirstin, it’s nice to meet you.” Harry said and smiled. He looked at Zayn and said; “I just came to see if you were here. Paul wanted to know and you didn’t answer your phone.” Harry looked at you. You looked at your hands. You could feel Zayn looking at you.


“But I will tell Paul that you’re here,” Harry said. Zayn smiled at him. Harry continued. “Anyway, I got to go, Louis is waiting in the car.” Harry waved and before he turned around and walked out, he looked at you said; “It was truly nice to meet you. I hope to see you again soon.” You smiled. “Nice to meet you too.” Zayn put a hand on your back as soon as Harry was gone.


“Are you hungry?“ he asked.


“A little, actually,” you said.

“I’ll make us some sandwiches.” 

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