Vas Happenin


10. Meeting The Gang

It didn’t take you long to recognize him. You rose up and ran over to give him a hug. You could hear him laugh from behind the scarf as he hugged you back. Zayn removed the scarf from his mouth and gave you a kiss on the forehead.


“I didn’t want to get recognized on my way over here…” he said.


“I know,” you said, still hugging him.


“I want to spend this day alone with you,” he said. You smiled.


“Come on, I want to take you somewhere we can be alone,” he said and held his hand out. You took it. He pulled the scarf up to cover his mouth again before you went out on the street. No one seemed to recognize Zayn. Some looked a bit extra at him, but you assumed it was because the way he was dressed. And also because he was very attractive, even when you couldn’t see his face. You walked for a while without talking. You felt like you were flying. You smiled and looked at him Zayn. He was already looking at you. You blushed. He was so perfect. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were. After walking for a while Zayn stopped.


“We are going in here,” he said quiet. You could barely hear him. You assumed he was afraid that someone would hear him and recognize his voice. He pointed to an open door. You looked confused at him. But you trusted him. He laughed when he saw your face.


“Wait and see,” he said. He still held your hand when you walked in to a quite big room. It was beautiful decorated.


“This is so cute, what is it?” you asked and looked around.


“It’s kind of… a meeting room, I guess,” he said, “We hang out here a lot.” He smiled. He took of his sunglasses and scarf. It almost took your breath away, when you saw his face.


“ZAYN!” Zayn let go of your hand. You looked around. It was Niall. You couldn’t breathe. Niall looked just as surprised to see you, as you were to see him.


“Why are you still here?” Zayn asked him a little annoyed, apparently not noticing your struggling to breathe. Niall didn’t remove his eyes from you a second when he answered.


“I forgot my phone,” he said and held up an iPhone 4s, “Zayn, it’s rude not to introduce.” Zayn looked at you. You felt like you must’ve been purple in the face because of lack of air. He smiled when he saw your face.


“Sorry,” he said, still looking at you, smiling.


“Niall, this is Kirstin.” Niall came forward to hug you.


“Hi, I’m…” he started, but you interrupted him.


“YES. I KNOW.” You said. He laughed and gave you a hug. You hugged back. Zayn just laughed.


“I have to go,” Niall said. “It was nice to meet you.” You smiled.


“It was nice to meet you too,” you said. Niall looked seriously at Zayn.


“I will talk to you later,” he smiled. Zayn sighed.


“See you lad,” Zayn said. Niall smiled and went out of the door.


“Are you okay?” Zayn asked and looked a bit concerned at you.


“You have no idea how good I am,” you said and looked smiling at him. He smiled back. He took your hand and gently pulled you close. You rested your head on his chest. You could hear his heartbeat. He kissed your hair. You lifted your head and looked into his eyes. He looked back.


“You are so beautiful,” he said. You blushed, but kept staring into his eyes.


“You are so…” you tried to find a word that could describe him. “Perfect,” you finally said. He shook his head.


“No I’m not,” he said and gently pressed his forehead against yours.


“But you are,” you quietly said. He gently stroked your cheek. He took your hand.

“Come on,” he said. 

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