Vas Happenin


13. Love Is In The Air

“Hello, beautiful,” he said. You smiled. You lay with your head resting on his chest.


“How long did I sleep?” you asked.


“About an hour,” he said and smiled. You couldn’t believe that you fell asleep when you were with Zayn, but on the other hand, you had never slept better. You took his hand and started playing with his fingers. He stroked your arm with his other hand. Every time he touched you, it felt electric.


“How do you do that?” he asked, and kissed your ear.


“What?” you asked confused. You turned around to look at him.


“Make me fall for you… so hard,” he said. You blushed. You had no words, so you just looked at your hands and smiled. He gently lifted your head. You kept looking down. Suddenly you felt his lips on your forehead, then your cheek. He softly touched your lips with his thumb.


“I…” you got shy when you looked into his eyes. “I have never cared so much about anyone, as I care about you.” You looked at your hands and up again. “If you know what I mean.” His eyes were serious.


“I know  exactly what you mean,” he said. He stroked your cheek with his thumb.


“I have an idea,” he said. You looked questioning on him. “I want to show you something.” He stood up and reached out his hand. You took it. You curiously followed him up stairs and into a bedroom. To judge from the stuff lying around the room, it was Harry and Zayn’s bedroom. You smiled and kept following Zayn out on a balcony. Zayn looked at you.


“Are you good at climbing?” he asked with a cheeky smile. You were totally confused. He looked up on the roof of the building.


“Oh…” you said. He gently pushed you closer to the railing.


“I will help you,” he said. “Put your foot there.” He pointed to the railing. You looked doubtful at him, but his eyes made you trust him. You looked at the railing again and put your food where Zayn had pointed.


“Now pull yourself up,” he said. He let go on your hand to make it easier for you. You grabbed the gutter and pulled yourself up. It was easier that expected. Suddenly you stood on the roof of the building. You looked down at Zayn. He stepped up on the railing and pulled himself up. You wondered how he could look so good, no matter what he was doing. He took both your hands and kissed your forehead.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” He looked behind you. You turned around. You gasped. From the roof you could see the whole city. It was incredible. The sunset was beautiful.


“It’s amazing,” you said.


He took off his jacket and laid it on the roof so you could sit on it. He sat down next to you. You looked down and got dizzy. There was so far down. You could see all the people walking on the street down there, but none of them looked up at Zayn and you. You thought about all the times you had dreamt of something like this. And now you were sitting here, with the most amazing person in the world.


“Why are you smiling?” Zayn asked. You looked at him. He was smiling as well.


“Because…” Suddenly you blushed.


“I love when you do that,” he said smiling and stroked you cheek.
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