Vas Happenin


8. Looks Can Be Deceptive

It couldn’t be. Could it? You looked up and looked around. No one was there. You were sure you were going crazy, when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around. And there he was, with his gorgeous eyes. He looked sad at you.


“Please tell me what’s wrong,” he said. You got aware that his hand still lay on your shoulder. You were afraid to move a single bit, because you didn’t want him to remove it.


“Ho-how did you find me?” you tried to get control over your voice.


“You didn’t call me, and I really wanted to see you again, so I was hoping I could find you here.” He removed his hand from your shoulder and sat down besides you instead. You considered if it was your brain that liked to play games with you or if you were dreaming. You decided that you didn’t care. You wanted to enjoy the moment, at least while you could. You smiled. And when he saw it his eyes lighted up and got warm and happy. He smiled. You got serious.


“But why?” you asked. You looked down in the table. You didn’t know if you wanted an answer. Suddenly you felt his hand gently touching your chin. He lifted your head so he could look straight into your eyes.


“You don’t know do you?” he smiled a little smile, but his eyes were serious. You just looked confused at him. He gently stroked your cheek with his finger.


“You don’t know how beautiful you are.” He smiled. His eyes were like honey, framed by long, dark eyelashes. You blushed. You couldn’t say anything. You simply had no words. You just leaned against his chest and hugged him. He laughed one of those laughs you loved so much and lay his arms around you. He leaned his head on your hair. In that moment you were happier than you had ever been. He gently lifted your head. His eyes were serious.


“But please tell me something…” You looked at him. Something was bothering him. You waited for him to continue. It took a little while before he spoke again.


“Why didn’t you call me?” he said. You could hear something in his voice that usually wasn’t there, but you couldn’t figure out what it was.


“I…” you didn’t know what to say. You looked on your hands. Your cheeks were burning.


“Well, I just thought…” you looked up and into his eyes. You were almost chocked to see his face expression. In that same second you knew what to tell him. The truth. It obviously meant much more to him that you thought. You looked down on your hands again.


“I heard a rumor, that you liked this model. And I…” You tried to control your voice. You couldn’t believe that you were actually about to cry. You felt his hand softly stroking your cheek. He pulled you close to him. The smell of him calmed you down.


“Listen,” he said silent, “in those days after I met you, I didn’t think on anything else but you. You have no idea how much I hoped you would call me. The short time that I got to spend with you, were the best I’ve had for very long. It felt… so right.” You knew exactly what he meant. He had just described how you had felt the last couple of days. You looked at him and smiled a huge smile. Your arms still lay around his neck. He smiled back and removed a piece of hair from your face. He looked at you with a very caring look in his eyes. You looked back. You didn’t doubt for a second that he meant everything he had said.


“What’s the clock?!” Zayn suddenly asked. You looked at your watch. Ten past four you said and looked confused at him.


“Oh no…” he said, “I have to go. They must be waiting already…” He looked at you in the middle of his sentence. He clearly didn’t want to leave. That made you happy.


“It’s fine,” you said. You meant it. Everything was fine now. More than fine. Everything was amazing. You smiled at him. He couldn’t help but smile.


“I can’t believe you can’t see it,” he said. You blushed and looked smiling down on your hands. He stroked your cheek a last time before he stood up. You didn’t want to let go, but you knew that he had lots of other places to be.


“And this time,” he said, “don’t put me through that torture.” He smiled.


“I won’t,” you promised. He took you hand and pulled you close. He smelled your hair while you were hugging. You were almost shaking when you felt his lips against your forehead.


“You have to go,” you said, but you couldn’t completely hide that you didn’t mean it.


“I know,” he said. He slowly loosened his grip around you.


“Promise you’ll text me as soon as possible,” he said. He was still holding your hand.

“I will,” you smiled. He kissed you on the forehead, turned around and vanished out of the door. You stood back with a silly smile on your face. An elderly lady smiled at you on your way out of the café. You smiled a big smile back.

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