Vas Happenin


6. Hearts Broken

You quickly turned on your computer and logged on twitter. The relief was indescribable. No one had tweeted anything. You hadn’t even gained any new followers. You sighed. You had never been a very big fan of attention. Ever since you were little, you had always just been the girl in the corner with her crayons. You yawned and realized how exhausted you were. You turned off the computer and got ready to go to bed.       When you finally lay in your bed you couldn’t sleep. Your head was filled with thoughts. This day had been a day that you had never expected would come. A day you had dreamed about for so long. You looked over on your nightstand, on Zayn drawing. You lost your breath for a second. This day had been perfect. After thinking about Zayn over an hour, you fell asleep and dreamed of his beautiful brown eyes.       When your alarm woke you up next morning it felt like you had slept for days. You couldn’t remember to ever have slept so well. You found your favorite dress and put it on.   You hair was surprisingly cooperating. You made sure that you had Zayn’s drawing with you, grabbed an apple on your way out of the door and went to school.       In school everything was oddly normal. It felt weird that everyone just acted normal, when you felt anything but usual. You had met Zayn Malik. You had his number in your bag. How could you possibly act normal? You tried your best and apparently it worked, cause no one seemed to notice anything different. In the lunch break you sat with your two best friends in the world. You were kind of in your own little world, dreaming about those brown eyes, until you heard his name being said.   “Did you see what Zayn tweeted?!” Sara said. She was in her gossip mood. Just hearing his name made your heart beat faster.   “Yeah, the one about that special someone?” Lisa said. You tried not to seem too interested.   “What did he tweet?” you asked and took a little too laidback bite of your sandwich. Your friends didn’t notice anything.   “When you meet someone and it just feels right. Or something like that.” Sara said and continued; “There is already plenty of rumors going on.” Your heart skipped a beat. It was really hard to remain controlled.   “About who?” you asked in the most relaxed way possible.   “Some model or something. He was seen with her a couple of days ago.” You felt relieved. But who was that model? She was probably gorgeous. Your heart sank a bit. This was stupid. You had met him one time and you acted like you were married or something.       The rest of the day you tried not to think about him. But when you got home, the first thing you did was to turn on your computer anyway. You had to know whom that model was and if it was just a silly rumor. You went to a gossip site that often wrote stories about One Direction. You immediately got confirmed that there definitely was a rumor.       Zayn Malik From One Direction Dating Hot Young Model?!       The hot heartbreaker from the popular boy band One Direction, Zayn Malik, was recently seen with the beautiful model Samantha Brown, 18. People who saw the couple told that there was definitely more than just friendship in the air. The young star couldn’t keep his hands from his beautiful date.     You closed down the page. You didn’t want to know anymore. 
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