Vas Happenin


12. Good Romance

He rose up and reached out his hand. You took it. He led the way into a kitchen-looking room. You sat down on a chair. You smiled when you saw a Nando’s bag lying on the kitchen table. Zayn found something in the fridge. He started putting sandwiches together. Sometimes he looked at you and smiled every time. His eyes were so warm and caring that you couldn’t do anything but smile back.


“Done!” he said and smiled a big smile. He took the tray with the sandwiches in one hand and took yours in the other. You went back outside and sat down on the plaid. He gave you a sandwich and took one himself. You were surprised how good it actually tasted. He was a also a good cook. Did he hide more talents? You wondered why you kept getting surprised over how completely perfect he was.


“Now…” he said, swallowed a piece of sandwich and continued. “I want you to tell me everything about you.”


Everything?” you asked and raised your eyebrows.


“Everything.” He said.


“Hmm. I don’t know how much there is to tell… It’s quite boring,” you said.


“I couldn’t imagine,” he said.


“Well…” you started to tell everything you could think of about yourself, and even though it sounded boring in your ears, Zayn listened interested to your never ending story. When you were finished, he didn’t say anything. He looked like he was thinking.


“Now,” you said, “tell me everything about  you.” He looked surprised at you.


“But… don’t you know almost everything already?” he asked.


“I probably do,” you said and smiled at your hands. You looked at him. “But I want to hear it from  you.” He looked at you. His eyes were glowing. He smiled.


“Okay…” he said. “I’m Zayn Jawad Malik. I grew up in Bradford…” he told everything about himself. He told about X-factor and his relationship with the boys. You listened interested and smiled encouraging every time he looked at you.


“So, know you know everything about me,” he said. You crawled closer to him and sat right in front of him. He pulled you closer till you were sitting on his lab. You rested your head on his shoulder. You sat like that for a while without saying anything.




You were completely confused when you woke up. But then you heard Zayn sing quietly.  You looked around. Somehow you had ended up in the sofa in the big room, inside the house. You looked outside. The sun was about to go down. You looked at your watch. It was a quarter past seven. You looked up and straight into Zayn’s eyes. 
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