Vas Happenin


9. Getting Serious

When you came home your mom wasn’t there jet. You found a note on the dining table.       Hi honey, I will be home late. There’s food in the fridge. Love mom.       You shrugged, found some food and went in to your room. You immediately picked up Zayn’s drawing from your trashcan and straightened it as good as possible. You smiled. You couldn’t believe how much everything had changed in the last week. Everything seemed perfect now. You took your phone and started texting Zayn.       Keeping my promise. Kirstin X.       You sent the text and sat down on your bed. It was so hard to understand that this actually happened. You were in love with Zayn Malik and it seemed like he was in love with you too. It was the most amazing feeling ever. You lay down and starred at the ceiling. It felt like you were flying.       Your phone woke you up. You looked at your watch. It was almost midnight. Your stomach got filled with butterflies when you saw Zayn’s name on your phone display. You answered it.   “It’s me,” you said. You sounded a bit tired.   “Hi, love.” The butterflies went crazy. “I’m sorry for calling this late, but we had a sound check until now, and I needed to hear your voice.”   “It’s fine,” you said. It was more than fine. You couldn’t help but smile all over your face.   “I already miss you,” he said.   “I miss you too.”   “When can I see you again?” he asked. You didn’t know it was possible, but you smiled even more.   “As soon as possible,” you quickly said. You could hear him laugh. Angels must’ve made that sound.   “What about tomorrow? I have a day off.” Tomorrow was Saturday and you had no plans.   “Tomorrow sounds great,” you said. You could hear him smile when he continued.   “Meet me on the café at ten tomorrow morning,” he said. You could hear something in the background. “Who are talking to?” You heart skipped a beat. You clearly recognized that voice. It was Niall.   “Excuse me,” Zayn said. You laughed. You could hear him talking with Niall.    “Just a friend,” Zayn said.   “Then why are you smiling like some idiot?” Niall asked. You laughed.   “I’m not,” Zayn said.   “Yes you are,” Niall said. “Who is it?”   “Just a second, Niall.” Zayn said. He talked to you again.   “I have to go,” Zayn said. You laughed.   “See you tomorrow,” you said.   “See you, love,” Zayn said quietly. You could hear Niall in the background before Zayn hung up. “LOVE?! I KNEW IT!” You laughed again. You just lay in your bed for a while smiling and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, before you fell asleep again.       You woke up next morning with butterflies in you stomach and a smile on your lips. You couldn’t believe that you should meet Zayn again. The sun was shining in between you curtains. The weather was lovely. You took on your favorite outfit and decided to wear your hair down. You smiled at your reflection in the mirror. You almost danced into the kitchen and your mom laughed at you.   “Your so silly,” she said with a loving smile.   “Yes,” you said and laughed. You took a glass of juice. “I’m going to be with a friend…” you felt the butterflies in you stomach, “all day,” you continued.   “Someone I know?” she asked.   “Maybe,” you said. You truly didn’t know if your mom knew who Zayn was, but you had no intension telling her about him right now.   “Is it a boy?” she asked and smiled.   “Maybe,” you said, while eating you breakfast. She laughed.   “Just don’t be home  too late, okay?” she said.   “No mom, but don’t wait up,” you said. You couldn’t even be annoyed. You smiled. She smiled back.     On your way to the café you started to wonder what you and Zayn was going to do. You realized that it didn’t matter. As long as you were with Zayn, everything was amazing. When you came to the café it felt like your stomach were going to explode because of all the butterflies. Al bell rang when you open the door. You looked around in the café. He wasn’t there jet. You sat down on the usual seat and waited. You eyes rested on the door all the time. When the bell rang your heart skipped a beat. It was an elderly man who you had seen often on the café. You were disappointed for a moment, but then the door opened again. A guy with sunglasses, beanie and a scarf covering a big part of his face came in. Very unusual in such nice weather.
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