Vas Happenin


1. Gettin' Introduced

You wandered around in the streets. It was January and very cold. You were in your way to your favorite café. You were alone as you so often were. Suddenly it started to rain just when you saw the café-sign. You began running and soon you entered the door into the warm, cozy café. You shook a bit to get the raindrops of your leatherjacket, but gave up. It was too wet. You looked around in the café. It was almost empty as usual. You found the perfect seat in the corner of the café that you always sat on, and ordered a latte. You took your sketchpad and your pencils out of your bag and started drawing. Drawing was something you really enjoyed, but sadly none of your friends was really into it. You were very focused on your drawing of a bird when suddenly a voice said: “Wow, you’re really good.” You lifted your head and look into a couple of beautiful brown eyes. A couple of eyes you definitely knew your had seen before. And when your eyes continued to the rest of the face, you knew where. Your heart started beating faster. It was no other than the one and only Zayn Malik. He smiled when he saw your overly surprised face.


“Hi, I’m Zayn,” he said, still smiling.


“Ehm, hi,” you somehow said. “And thank you.”


“No problem. You have lots of talent.”   “Thank you,” you said again. You simply couldn’t say anything else.


“What’s your name?” he asked and laughed a bit.


“Oh sorry, I’m Kirstin.” He smiled and looked into your eyes for a little while. You could feel that you were blushing.


“Your eyes are beautiful,” he said. You couldn’t believe that you were sitting here getting compliments from Zayn Malik.


“Thank you,” you said and looked down on your feet. He was even more charming in real life.


“Can I sit down?” he asked and looked at the seat next to you. You couldn’t believe what you heard.

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