Vas Happenin


5. Crushes

You couldn’t remove your eyes from the few numbers on the paper, so you just kept starring. Zayn had written a little note with the cutest handwriting.




  I haven’t felt like this in a long time. Call me if you feel the same. Zayn. X.




And then he had given you his number. This couldn’t be true. You started to wonder whether you were dead or just dreaming. No matter what, it couldn’t be real life. You sat there on the floor for some time. You didn’t know how long. You didn’t dare to move, because you were afraid that it would disappear. It was such a lovely dream.




You woke up and first you didn’t know where you were. But then you realized that you were still on the floor. You gasped when you thought of the note from Zayn. You still had it in your hand. You smiled. You looked around in your room. The sun was about to go down. You had slept longer than an hour. The wonderful, bubbly feeling came back. You smiled a huge smile.


“Dinner!” It was your mom calling.


“I’m coming mom!” you folded the drawing again and lay it in your pocket.




“Why are you smiling like that?” you mom asked when you sat down at the table. She looked at you like you were some kind of a freak. You hadn’t even thought about it, but now you realized that you were still smiling. It felt like thousands of butterflies were flying around inside your stomach.


“I’m just happy. Is that a crime now?” you asked. Your mom raised her eyebrows but smiled.


“No not at all. May I ask why you suddenly are in such a good mood?” You stopped chewing and looked frightened on her.


“What?!” she said. You swallowed your chicken. You hadn’t even thought about what you would tell your friends. And your mom. Should you tell them about Zayn?


“It’s just a long story,” you said. You decided that you needed more time to think it all over, before you started telling anyone. Your mom laughed.


“You have never been normal,” she said.


“Luckily not,” you said and looked down at you pocket. Your already big smile got even bigger. You quickly ate your food and walked in to your room again.



You turned on the TV. A way too perfect tv-reporter dressed in a pink suit immediately said; “The heart melting teen star Harry Styles from One Direction is rumored to be dating…” you turned the TV off. You were shaking. You hadn’t given a single thought to all the rumors. All the paparazzi. There hadn’t been any on the café, had there? You slowly could feel the panic spread. What if someone had seen you and Zayn? What if the rumor was already out? 

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