Vas Happenin


2. Beautiful

“Of course,” you said and smiled. He sat down right besides you and looked at you. He’s eyes were sparkling and after a little while realized how awkward it was that you were just starring at him. He laughed when you blushed again. “Can I see your drawings?” he asked with the cutest British accent. “Yes, of course,” you gave him the sketchpad. He smiled. He slowly looked through all the pages with your drawings on them. You just starred at him the whole time. Sometimes he stopped and looked a little extra on some of the drawings. You suddenly remembered that there were more people than just you and Zayn in the café. You looked around. Everyone in the café was starring as you and Zayn, probably mostly Zayn. You blushed and looked at Zayn again. Finally, after looking through all my drawings for what felt like hours he laid the sketchpad back on the table, looked at you and smiled. “What do you think?” you asked a little shyly. “I love them all,” he said. You smiled a huge smile. It meant really much to you when people liked your drawing and you wouldn’t lie, it meant even more when it was the cutest guy in the world liking them. “Thank you so much!” You said, and smiled all over your face. He laughed of your excitement. “Do you live around here?” Zayn asked you. “Yeah, it’s not far from here,” you said and smiled. You wanted to ask what he was doing in this area, but you didn’t want to annoy him.

“I’d like to…” he started, but got interrupted by his phone.

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