A New Life

Being 19, and finally getting things my way. Finally moving out, being young and free. I moved all the way to London just to be independent. I was tired of my parents telling what I could and couldn't do. All I needed was someone else, someone to live and share my life with..


2. The Meeting

Anna's P.O.V.

I was already on my way to Starbucks for the meeting. I can't believe I might actually get a job and start being independent. Suddenly, I was driven out of my thoughts by obnoxious screams. I looked around to see where it was all coming from. All I saw were a bunch of teen girls surrounding someone. Who? I don't know and I absolutely don't care.

Finally, I made it to Starbucks. Once inside, I looked around and realized something. I don't freaking know who I'm suppose to be meeting. Well it was a man on the phone so I know that.

"Hello, are you the young lady I spoke to on the phone with yesterday about the job?" I turned around to find a man in about his mid 30's, with black, short hair. He was also pretty tall.

"Yes, I believe so. If it would make your decision easier, I brought a portfolio of some of my work." I dug in my bag for it and handed it to him.

He opened my portfolio and his eyes widened. "Wow. You are amazing. Well you got the job." That was easy.

"So what is the job?" I was really curious about this.

"We want you to create a mural. Can you do that?" I was so excited. My favorite thing in art was painting, so of course a huge ass mural only added to my love.

"Of course. What of?"

"Life." He simply said.

"What do you mean exactly?"

"Well things that make life, life. For example, childhood, school, obstacles, oh and love." And with that he gave me a kind smile and headed out the door. Love huh? Of course.

I started gathering my things and going out the door when I bumped into someone, dropping my things.

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