A New Life

Being 19, and finally getting things my way. Finally moving out, being young and free. I moved all the way to London just to be independent. I was tired of my parents telling what I could and couldn't do. All I needed was someone else, someone to live and share my life with..


5. The Lads

Anna's P.O.V.

When me and Liam pulled up to his flat. I was shocked at how huge it was. I soon realized that Liam had gotten out of the car already and was waiting for me. I grabbed my bag and opened the car door. "It's nice." I say trying to act calm. I remember when I was 14 and I used to fan girl over the tiniest things. I used to fang girl over stuff like pictures of the boys. Now I'm meeting them? Jesus take the wheel!

Liam led me up to his front door and got out his keys. Not longer after, he opened it. When he opened the door, all I heard were screams and laughter. Its just as I had imagined it when I was a teenager. I heard an Irish voice yell "Louis! You cunt give it here!" I started to giggle. Liam noticed because he started to laugh. I took my eyes off of Liam and looked around and saw someone looking at me. As I came closer, I realized it was Zayn. Bless that beautiful boy, well man. "Liam, who is this?" Zayn asked.

"This is Anna. We met at Starbucks and she is really nice."

"Hi." I said with a small, awkward wave. Zayn sent a small nod my way.

"Nice to meet you. We don't meet that many people these days."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Well we aren't exactly HOT at the moment, as they say." Zayn used air quotes around the word hot. I still didn't understand though.

"So you can't go anywhere?"

"We can, but we get crap for it. Liam here goes out to get things for us though. By the way, where's my coffee?" It made me giggle because me and Liam were too caught up in talking that he had forgotten what he was there for.

"Shit." I heard Liam curse to himself. "Look, I'm sorry. How about I make some tea instead?"

"I wanted coffee, but tea is good. Thanks Liam." Zayn smiled at Liam and then looked at me "It was nice meeting you Anna."

"You too Zayn." I think I was doing pretty good for having been a huge directioner in the past. But just then I saw Niall, Louis, and Harry walk down the stairs as Zayn was walking up them.

Oh gosh.



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