A New Life

Being 19, and finally getting things my way. Finally moving out, being young and free. I moved all the way to London just to be independent. I was tired of my parents telling what I could and couldn't do. All I needed was someone else, someone to live and share my life with..


1. Intro

Anna's P.O.V.


I had finally unloaded all of the boxes off of the moving truck. It has been hard work doing this all my self in my new flat. Moving all the way here in London from the United States was a huge change. I just can't believe I actually did it, I mean sure my parents were pissed about it. But they got that I am young and I can't just stay in the same place my whole life. I needed to move.

I started to unpack everything and put it where I thought I would go best. Having my own place had its perks. I could blast my music as loud as I wanted to...as long as it didn't bother the people around me. 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles was playing as I got out my art supplies. I began to sort out all my paints and brushes, also other kinds of art supplies. I loved art to death. It brought out a side of me, that I didn't know I had. Art expressed my emotions, all of them.

Living on my own meant I needed to find a job. So I got out the local newspaper. It said that someone needed an unknown artist immediately. But it didn't say what the job was. Being the curious person I am, I HAD to call. I dialed the number provided and it started to ring. Finally, I heard the click indicating someone has answered.


"Hello, I'm calling because of a job wanted in the local newspaper. Is that correct?"

"Ah yes that. Are you an artist?"

"Yes, I am." I stated proudly.

"Well how about we set up a meeting. Is that alright with you?" These English people were so freaking polite. What I really wanted to say was, HELLZ TO THE YEAH! But I didn't.

"Of course. Where should we meet?"

"How about the Starbucks near the shopping center?"

"Perfect. Thank you, goodbye."

"Bye now." And with that the call ended.

I can't believe I could possibly have a job.

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