A New Life

Being 19, and finally getting things my way. Finally moving out, being young and free. I moved all the way to London just to be independent. I was tired of my parents telling what I could and couldn't do. All I needed was someone else, someone to live and share my life with..


4. All Smiles

Anna's P.O.V.

Me and Liam were now sitting down at Starbucks, drinking coffee. He had on a red button up shirt that was unbuttoned with a white shirt under it. I on the other hand was wearing skinny jeans, with a flowy white top, and my long, brown hair was curled.

"So how long have you been a fan?" Liam asked me then took a sip of his coffee.

"Well no offense but, I just kinda forgot about you guys.." I didn't want to make him feel bad at all.

"Yeah, we did fade away sort of. But how did you not recognize me."

"I easily forget things I haven't seen in awhile."

"So who was your favorite?" He smiled at me. Oh gosh, hoe embarrassing would it be if I told him, he was my favorite?

"Umm Niall. Niall was my favorite." I said a little too quickly.

"He is a looker, yeah?" Liam laughed. His laugh will be the end of me I swear.

"He sure is, but you aren't too bad yourself." I winked at him. At this he laughed.

"Want to meet the lads?"

Hell yes. What do you think? I would love to meet the boys I have looked up to since I was 14!

"Okay Let's go!" He said.

Holy shit. Did he hear me?

"I did." Liam then laughed loudly at me. "Keep it to yourself babe." Then he winked at me.

I then followed Liam out to his car, and we were off to his flat.



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