They Don't Know About Us *Harry Styles fan fiction*

all he wants is for everyone to know that she's all his.


3. two: but i say they don't know what they talk talk talkin' about

Harry pulls me closer to him as we enter the club. The other four boys and their girlfriends go over to the VIP section while Harry leads me toward the bar and we push through massive throngs of people. I take a seat down at the bar next to him while we wait for a bartender to tend to us.

A few minutes later, a guy who looked about Louis’ age came up to take our order. “What can I get for ya?” he asks looking at Harry and then shifting his gaze to meet mine.

Harry was the first to

speak up with his order. “I’ll have a beer,” he tells the guy behind the counter. He nods in response before turning to me.

“And for you, love?” he says with a slight smirk.

I feel Harry tighten his grip on my waist and lean over and kiss my cheek and whisper nothings in to my ear. I knew he didn’t like how this guy was trying to flirt with me. Hell, I didn’t even like what he was doing. Can’t he tell I’m here with someone who’s sitting right next to me? Some people are so weird nowadays.

“Uh, I’ll have a daiquiri,” I tell him as I move my hand rest it on Harry’s leg and rub it softly to get him to calm down a bit. He grabs hold of my hand that was resting on his leg and laces our fingers together and presses a soft kiss to my temple.

“I’ll get those right away for you,” he says and winks toward me.

I thank him with a slight smile and turn to Harry after he walks off to get our drinks. He smiles as he looks at me and grabs my face in his hands and caresses my cheek with his thumb and forefinger. I smile as he leans forward and captures my lips in a sweet kiss. I smile into the kiss and kiss him back as our lips move together in perfect sync.

“Sir…miss! Here are your drinks,” the guy says which pulls Harry and I apart from one another.

“Thanks,” Harry says and gives him about the right amount of pounds for our drinks.

“Here you are, love,” Harry hands me over my daiquiri with his beer in his other hand.

“Thank you, Haz,” I tell him as I take hold of the glass and hold on to it in my other hand while I reach for Harry’s hand that wasn’t occupied.

“Come on, Nat, let’s go meet up with the rest of them, sure their waiting for us,” he says and grabs hold of my waist as we maneuver through the huge crowds of people. I take a long swig of my drink as I hold on to Harry so I wouldn’t lose him in the crowd.

I roll over on my side and bury my face underneath the pillow to block the protruding sunlight that was coming in the window. My head was pounding; I guess I must’ve drunk too much because I could hardly remember what happened the night before. The last thing I remember is when we were all at the club drinking and having a good time. Next thing I know, I’m here and it’s a brand new day.

I feel a pair of warm arms tighten around my waist. “Morning beautiful,” I hear Harry mumble against the bare skin on the back of my neck, his voice deep from just waking up. I smile a bit and turn my head so I can look at him.

“Morning babe,” I say with a small smile as I reach forward and pull him closer to me. “I’m gonna go make us some breakfast, would you like some tea, love? I know that’ll probably wake you up,” he looks at me and reaches up to push his curls out of his face.

“Thanks Haz,” I tell him with a small smile and peck his lips. He slowly removes his arm from around my slim waist and slips in to a pair of sweat pants before turning to me and pressing a loving kiss to my forehead before he walks out of the room.

Somehow, I managed to fall back asleep. About ten minutes or so later, I am awoken by the sound of a door being closed. Harry was slowly making his way over to my side of the bed.

“Here’s your tea, love,” Harry leans over and gives me a soft kiss on the lips before carefully picking up the mug filled with hot tea and placing it in my hands.

“Be careful, it’s hot,” he says with a smirk before he walks back out, most likely to check on the breakfast. I nod and take a small sip of it before I set it on the table by the bed. After I push the sheets off my body, I get up and slip my feet into a pair of light wash skinny jeans from the dresser I shared with Harry.

Once I pulled on the jeans, I slip off the big shirt I wore of his and pull on a tight-fitting tank top after I put on my favorite push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret. It had black lace with neon-colored cheetah print on it. I can see now why Harry likes it on me so much, it’s simple yet sexy with a bit of an edge to it.

I walk in to the bathroom and brush my teeth before I finish getting myself ready for whatever the plans were for the day. I brush my hair and don’t really do much with it. I decide to leave it down and pin my bangs off to the side with a bobby pin. My hair is naturally wavy.

I smile at my reflection, happy with my appearance before I walk out of the bathroom and grab my phone from the table beside the bed. I make my way in to the kitchen where I knew the smell of freshly made bacon was being cooked on the stove.

“There’s my beautiful girlfriend,” Harry smiles as I take a seat at the kitchen bar.

“Is it ready yet?” I ask as he comes over and presses his lips to mine. I smile against his lips and kiss him back. We pull away a few minutes later.

“Almost, baby, it’s almost ready, love,” Harry says as he grabs a spatula and flips a few pancakes in another pan on the stove. He soon transfers them to a plate along with some bacon. I smile as Harry comes back over with a plate filled with pancakes and a few pieces of bacon.

“Eat up, love,” Harry says and kisses my cheek as he takes a seat next to me and puts another plate down on the counter in front of him, I guessing which was for him.

“Thanks. So, what’s the plan for today, love?” I ask before I put a piece of pancakes in my mouth that was lathered in butter and syrup.

“I don’t know what the lads and the girls are gonna wanna do, I bet they’re all still out of it from last night,” he says and looks at me, his lips curl up into a small smirk and he wiggles his eyebrows at me.

“We can do whatever, Nat, anything you want, it’s your call,” he says and takes a bite of a piece of bacon.

“Does a movie sound okay, babe?” I ask as I eat more of my breakfast. We talk quietly amongst ourselves as we finish eating.

“Yeah, sounds good to me, as long as I’m with you,” he reaches over and squeezes my bum lightly and I feel his lips brush up against my cheek.

I chuckle and smile as I lean over and peck his lips before I take my plate along with Harry’s and wash it off before we go get ready for the day. It was going to be a great day with my Hazza, I can tell. I’m just not looking forward to being spotted by all the paparazzi, which is the only thing I don’t like about it; the major lack of privacy.  

Author's Notes:

yay! here's the first chapter, i really hope you all like it! the next one will be up soon after i get a few comments. please comment and leave me your thoughts? it would make my day<3

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