They Don't Know About Us *Harry Styles fan fiction*

all he wants is for everyone to know that she's all his.


4. three: 'cause this love is only getting stronger

As soon as we step outside, Harry pulls me closer to him while we head toward his Range Rover that was parked in the lot along with the other boys’ vehicles. After Harry unlocks it, I get in the passenger seat while he gets in the driver’s seat. He drives over to the nearest cinema.

Once we pull in to the parking lot, it takes a little while to find a place to park. Harry parks the car and shuts off the engine before coming over to my side and helping me out. He tightens his arm around my waist and leads me up to the entrance. Black Ray-bans covered his eyes and he wore his beanie, most likely to disguise himself. Surprisingly, there weren’t any paparazzi around right now.

Harry looks over at me and lowers his shades from his eyes as we get up to the booth to get the tickets. A blond girl with shimmering blue eyes stood in the ticket booth. She looked about my age or a year or two older.

“What do you want to go see, love? Doesn’t matter to me,” Harry says looking at me with a smile.

“Silver-linings Playbook?” I ask and look at him with a smile. Harry nods and turns to the girl. After we get the tickets, he grabs my hand and leads me over to the concession stand.

“Want a snack or something to drink, love?” he asks and looks at me.

“Just some water and we can share some popcorn if you want, babe,” I tell him and give him a peck on the cheek.

After we get what we wanted from the concessions, we went over and handed the guy our tickets that stood there waiting to take them. I feel Harry wrap one of his strong arms around me as we walk in to the theater. There were a few people in the theater already. Thankfully it was dark so Harry won’t get mobbed by the crazy fans.

After we took our seats, the previews begin to play. I rest my head on his shoulder as we watch the previews. I don’t think there were any good ones that they showed, except for a few of them. Before the movie started, Harry removed his sunglasses and beanie. I let out a small laugh and push some of his hair that was sticking up or hanging over his eyes. He groans a bit and crosses his arms over his chest as he glares at me.

“You know I love you,” I whisper to him and poke his cheek.

“I know, I love you too,” he mutters and puckers his lips for a kiss.

I smile as I lean forward and press a kiss to his lips. Harry wraps his arm around me and pulls me against him while we watch the movie. I loved Bradley Cooper; he is gorgeous, to be honest. I can’t help it; he has such pretty eyes and a nice face too. I’m so glad I have Harry, he is everything I have ever wanted in a guy, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Guys were the exact same when it comes to women; I knew that for a fact, because I have two brothers that I grew up with; an older brother who is twenty-three and a younger brother who is twelve. I am in the middle and it sucks being right in the middle; sometimes I wish I had a sister that was closer to my age than my younger brother, Gage. I am very thankful to have the boys’ girlfriends in my life; we are all close and best friends.

I am pulled out of my thoughts as I feel Harry grab my hand and lace his fingers together with mine. I smile to myself as I turn my attention back to the big screen in the dark theater.

Harry grabs my hand as he leads me out the back doors of the theater after it was over. As he leads me outside, we are greeted by what seemed like hundreds of flashing lights from cameras and paparazzi everywhere.

I can totally handle this… I think to myself as I feel Harry tighten his strong arm around my slim waist. I’ve dealt with them before since I’ve been with Harry and I can deal with this now. Neither of us open our mouth to speak to the press. We’ve already been in enough magazine tabloids and I knew there will be another one with us in it soon.

“Harry! How long have you two been together?”

“Are you two engaged?”

Harry wraps one of his strong arms securely around my slim waist as he leads me over to his Range Rover. After we put our seat belts on, Harry puts it in drive and we accelerate forward.

“Love?” Harry questions and looks at me as he comes to a red light, the car slowing to a stop.

“Yeah, Haz?” I ask with a smile as I look back at him.

“Want to get some takeout love and then go relax at home?” he asks as he drives; his eyes firmly on the road in front of him.

“I’d like that,” I tell him with a smile.

Harry drives over and we stop at a really good Chinese takeout place, called Shanghai Chi-Town. They have really good food. After we get our food, Harry heads back to the flat. He pulls his car in to a vacant spot in the lot and turns the car off before we get out and grab the food before we head up to the flat. I was ready to get comfortable and eat my food with my boyfriend and then pass out.

I grab my key to the flat from my purse and stick it in the lock. After I unlock the door, I push it open before we walk inside and shut it and lock it back in to place. We take our food in to the living room and sit down on the sofa before we begin to eat. Harry and I talk and laugh about a ton of random things while we eat our takeout. We stay up and talk for the next few hours before I end up falling asleep in his arms while we were lying on the couch.

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